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Synergy product update — 15 December 2017 — Project portals

February 25th, 2018

New features and updates released on 15 December 2017. New features include custom fields, Bullclip add-on and project portals, plus updates to reports and timesheets. 

New — Custom fields

Custom fields are for when you want to add extra data or fields to projects, stages, contacts and staff. You can set the fields to show date, currency, number, text, drop down list, or multi select list types for your custom fields. Make them mandatory if you want to ensure they are always completed when adding a new record.

New — Drawboard Bullclip add-on

Bullclip is an online PDF markup tool. We’ve created an integration between Synergy and Bullclip that allows you to export Synergy PDF’s and image files to Bullclip to use the markup and collaboration options. You can then import the marked-up PDF or image back to the Synergy project folder.

Bullclip works on Windows 10, iOS and via web browser.

Find out more about the Bullclip add-on for Synergy

New — Project portals

Project portals enable the whole project team to work out loud in a secure, collaborative space. Synergy project portals allow you to invite anyone, whether they’re a Synergy user or not, to securely login to access the portal.

The portal gives you a project feed where you can see the activity from the project team — private and group chats, announcements, shared documents and images, shared invoices. Add attachments to chats or announcements for the project team to review. You can set access levels where only approved people can see invoices.

Find out more about portals


In this release we also added new reports for aged WIP, aged debtors and payroll, plus we’ve updated the timesheets leader board and timesheets summary. Login to Synergy and head to the help files ‘what’s new’ tab to find out more.