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Synergy Analytics Plus

Business intelligence and analytics made easy for Architects, Engineers, and built environment designers.

Unleash the power of your data, uncover insights, and make better strategic decisions to effectively manage your operational business performance and increase profitability.

Analyse your data with interactive dashboards offering insights across key operational functions:


Develop actionable insights that drive better decision making

Delve into your operational performance with interactive dashboards presenting data collected from your own projects across key operational functions, including:

Gain greater confidence in your decision making with the ability to turn insights into actions that are data-led and drive profitability.

Have greater control over your business performance

Connect your data from across projects and business for easy and centralised analysis. This will help you:

Use data visualisation to better understand your projects and business

Make your data work for you, with graphics, charts, and tables that make it easy to uncover trends and patterns and identify their significance. Customise your analysis with fully interactive data to see progress and performance across:

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Products & Use Cases

Introducing Synergy Analytics Plus

Managing project performance is key to your business success. In this webinar, we’ll show you how to use Synergy’s new Analytics Plus add-on to gain deeper insights from your project data to help you make better decisions to benefit your company.

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