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Part 4 — Project management for built environment businesses — Resource and task management

In this fourth instalment of our five-part series on project management for built environment businesses the ever-adept and excellent, Greg Hill, illuminates resource and task management — what’s required to do it properly, and its fundamental impact on the success of your projects. Read onward to victory, folks!

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Part 3 — Project management for built environment businesses — Project setup requirements

In the third instalment of our series on the key challenges AEC businesses face when managing projects for the built environment, Greg Hill, covers all things project setup. He’ll show you the importance of doing it properly for the successful management of both your projects and your business as a whole.

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Part 2 — Project management for built environment businesses — Proper portfolio planning

In this whitepaper we zoom out to take a look at the importance of portfolio planning to your project management. We’re going macro to see its impact on the micro, and how actually, you can’t understand one properly without the other. Especially when it comes to AEC industry projects.

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Part 1 — Project management for built environment businesses — The 4 pains (and how to cure them)

The nature of the AEC industry is that it’s one driven entirely by projects — very detailed, very complex projects at that. We check out the four big pain points of managing built environment projects, and what’s needed to ease them.

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Guide to change management

In this guide, Claudia Piscitelli, change and adoption lead at Engage Squared, guides you through how you can effectively accomplish a change initiative, deliver it in a way that will have the most reach and impact, and sustain that change in order to realize the true value and return on your investment.

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Software buyer’s guide

This comprehensive software buyer's guide tells you everything you need to consider when buying software for your architectural, engineering, or construction design business.

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Guide to growth

Growing your AEC practice isn't always straightforward, especially when you got into business to do design, not run a business. In this no-strings guide to business growth, we share 20 years experience of helping AEC businesses of all shapes and sizes grow.

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Practice management guide

In this guide, we focus on the key elements of practice management for AEC businesses to help you run your architecture, engineering, or construction design business more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

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Timesheets for visibility and profit

In this guide, we're looking at timesheets - we look behind those pesky entries and see what value they bring, what insights they uncover, and what valuable outcomes they could provide to every professional service firm.

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