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SynergyPIM allows you to transform the way you do business, so you can do your best work, realise your growth potential, and increase your profitability.

Synergy Analytics Plus

Unleash the power of your data, uncover insights, and make better strategic decisions to effectively manage your operational business performance and increase profitability.

Sharepoint + Synergy

Leverage the power of Microsoft’s premiere document collaboration and control tool. SharePoint helps you drive organisational efficiency. Create a dedicated site for your projects and easily share documents and resources with your colleagues in real time, to review, iterate, and finalise

Synergy Purchase Orders

Generating Purchase Orders is a key process in managing your spending on subcontractors, subconsultants, and suppliers. With Purchase Orders you are able to generate and customise a new Purchase Order, view and sort existing Purchase Orders, send a Purchase Order from Synergy to your vendors, reconcile your Purchase Orders with one or more Bills and generate a report on your Purchase Orders.

Synergy Outlook Add-in

The Synergy Outlook add-in lets you save project emails, with attachments, straight to your project folders in Synergy. You gain a huge time saving in filing project emails, and this is key to project information management – you can keep all project emails and attachments in a central, searchable place with all other project information.



SynergyCRM keeps you attuned to your customer with information that’s targeted, relevant, and up-to date in one, central location. Manage your opportunities through the sales cycle with this powerful tool. Set targets for your teams and personnel, get rich data about the companies you’re managing opportunities for, gain deeper understanding of trends in win/loss reporting, use Kanban to-dos + opportunity details to get down to the granular level of your sales process. 

Earned Value Management 101

“Are we making a profit on this job?” That’s the main question from where your CFO is standing. As a Project Lead, you should be more interested in the question, “are we on time and on budget?”. A great Project Lead can accurately estimate a project’s completion date and cost at completion.

How to enable your addon

Connecting leading applications to Synergy has huge benefits including saving time by eliminating double entry, streamlining your management processes, and getting a clearer, broader, real-time view of what’s really happening in your business and projects.



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