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Introduction to Synergy Outlook add-in

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Monika Schaap — Total Synergy

Join Monika for this 10-minute webinar where she will take you through Synergy’s Outlook add-in.

What we’ll cover

The Outlook add-in for Synergy lets you seamlessly take control of your project information and email filing from within the applications you know, and love, and work in every day. Streamlining your workflows and saving you time and money in your built environment practice. Speak to our team to find out more.

In this 10-minute webinar, Monika Schaap will show you how to:

  • Enable and set up the Synergy Outlook add-in
  • File an email from your inbox to your project folder (using Synergy’s suggested location)
  • Use the file-on-send feature to automatically file outgoing emails
  • File email attachments elsewhere
  • Access and view saved files in Synergy