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“Loving the new SynergyCRM! The team are excited to be using it too. We can already see a lot of benefit.”

— Steven Hayes, Information Systems Manager, Klein

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SynergyCRM keeps you attuned to your customer with information that’s targeted, relevant, and up-to date in one, central location.

Manage your opportunities through the sales cycle with this powerful tool. Set targets for your teams and personnel, get rich data about the companies you’re managing opportunities for, gain deeper understanding of trends in win/loss reporting, use Kanban to-dos + opportunity details to get down to the granular level of your sales process.

Synergy + SynergyCRM

The SynergyCRM add-on for Synergy centralises your customer data so you can save time piecing together your customer knowledge, easily see insights into all your opportunities, and track your customer journey through the business pipeline from a lead, to winning a project and beyond.

Getting started

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