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SynergyHR helps you manage your staff details, leave and documents in one central location

Managing your HR requirements can be time consuming. SynergyHR makes it simple. Record important staff information on the ‘staff private details’ page. Setup leave policies and manage staff leave balances with our leave calculator, which is fully integrated into the Synergy project resourcing and timesheet systems. Maintain a skills and qualifications register for each staff member, as part of their ongoing professional development, and to help you resource the right person for every project.

Synergy + SynergyHR

The SynergyHR add-on for Synergy, unlike other systems, fully integrates your HR workflows into your business and practice management system. Your HR manager saves time keeping all staff data in one place, without the need for double entry between systems. Staff save time by requesting and checking leave in the productivity tool they use every day. Managers reduce project risk by checking not only an employee’s available leave balance, but also the impact that leave may have on a project’s delivery schedule. The skills and qualifications register ensures the right people are working on the right jobs, every time.

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