Synergy consulting services

Synergy consulting services

Utilize every planning, management, collaboration and accounting tool in Synergy with tailored implementation for your specific architecture or engineering business.

On this page, find out about:

Implementation services

Data and system migration

Migration from Synergy desktop

Synergy product training

Need a wingman to take Synergy to the next level in your architecture, engineering or construction design business? You’re in luck — the Synergy consulting team is here! We’ve got your back in the business of designing the built environment.

Whether you’re implementing Synergy in your AEC business for the first time, migrating your project and business data from another workflow or project management system to Synergy, training new staff in your own business or looking to get up to speed on new features, our expert team can help you transform your business and make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits from Synergy.

Here’s what we offer in our consulting services for architecture, engineering, and construction design businesses.

1. Implementation services

Business analysis and system configuration — help your business thrive with an industry-specific cloud platform set up specifically for your practice, so you can clearly see what’s happening, when, where, and with what resources.

  • Our consultants deep dive into your business to help you learn how to get the most out of Synergy and configure the product to best suit your requirements and specific internal practices, workflows, and terminology.
  • Learn how to get meaningful data when you need it with industry best-practice learnings in setting up reports and templates.
  • Staff training to get your team skilled in the newly implemented system by our Synergy experts.

2. Data and system migration

Gain the productivity and collaborative work advantages of your leading industry peers, with the latest technologies, by migrating data from old systems to the Synergy cloud platform.

  • We can run workshops at all levels of your business to compare the Synergy cloud platform to your current product or system and implement a plan to transition to Synergy cloud.
  • Consultants will conduct discovery sessions to understand the best way to manage change as you migrate from a generic project management system to the Synergy cloud platform.
  • We’ll assist in quality checks after data migrations from other, less suitable or non-cloud project management systems.
  • If you’re an existing customer using our old Synergy Practice Management desktop software, go here to find out more about the change management process for moving to our Synergy cloud platform.

3. Synergy product training

Invest in your team and harness the full capability of Synergy cloud across all levels of your business to maximize the success of your practice.

  • Customized and contextual training sessions and workshops for all levels of your business — from C-level to basic user — provide you and your staff with specific examples, based on how you use Synergy.
  • We proved flexible training options to suit your business — bespoke online and on-site training tailored to your distinct needs.
  • Group training via webinars with other Synergy users provide dynamic use-cases to inspire new and innovative ways to run your business.
  • Ask about packages to get the most from your investment in Synergy, focusing on specific parts of Synergy in your business, or whole product user training.







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