“The resource and project planning system has made a huge difference to how we resource long term, forecast our earnings, quote for projects, and ensure that we are keeping our projects on track, on time, and to budget.”

Solari Architects: Streamlining Project Management and Improving Efficiency using Synergy.

Total Synergy transforms Solari Architects’ operations to increase accuracy and efficiency. 

Background and Challenges

Solari previously worked with manual spreadsheets and a variety of other systems. Keeping track of staff utilisation and hours often meant long processes and did not always present the most accurate result.  

Prior to Total Synergy we were bogged down but lots of linked spreadsheets that involved a lot of manual editing as well as a program that was becoming outdated and not fit for us.” – Ruby Hickman, Project Coordinator.  

Solari’s story shares common industry challenges including streamlined planning, precise reporting, efficient resource allocation, and real-time financial tracking. Ruby also notes how none of the software they were using was specifically designed for the AEC industry and architects. 

Key Results

Since adopting Total Synergy across the business, Solari Architects has seen tremendous impact, including: 

  • Streamlined project management and improved overall efficiency using Total Synergy  
  • Optimal resource utilisation  
  • Accurate project reporting 
  • Efficient and transparent resourcing 
  • Real-time financial tracking 
  • Moved away from error-prone spreadsheets to a sophisticated industry specific solution 
  • Confidence and credibility in the company’s fiscal management 

Moving to Synergy has allowed Solari Architects to become a part of a broader user network and gain access to Total Synergy’s Community and exceptional support services.  

“The support team takes the time to work through any issues quickly and effectively. The database of instructional articles is extensive and the Community forum to discuss improvements, questions, and issues is very helpful.” Ruby Hickman, Project Coordinator.  






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