Meet our leaders

Our leadership team is an important vehicle for enabling Total Synergy to thrive. Our team focusses on results, serves as a force multiplier, manages complexity, and operates with resilience.

Kane Hochster


Kane is an experienced software executive and enthusiastic team member. He wants to help every customer and every employee be the best version of themselves.

Daniel Cran

Chief Customer Officer

Dan really is the man, empowering all of Team Total Synergy to drive their individual and collective success.

Jo McCatty

Head of People & Culture

After spending many years in all things people related, Jo loves to help employees and the businesses they work in, to get ahead through realising their true potential.

Jack Low

Head of Finance

Jack has an MBA and over 15 years of professional experience in various industries working in both large corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises. 

Paul Hemmings

Head of Product Strategy

Paul works on the products and features we’re developing for the future. He has a deep background in AEC software.

Lizzie Babarczy

Global Head of Marketing

Lizzie is excited to be part of a passionate team of people and help grow Synergy internationally.

Amit Kubovsky

Group Development Manager

Amit runs the development team, managing the agile process with a laser focus on burn down charts.

Sally McLeland

Head of Customer Operations

Sally has a background in project management, change communications, enterprise account management and finance.

Scott Osborne

Founder & CEO

Scott Osborne — Founder and CEO of Total Synergy.

Just quickly...

Scott was enjoying a distinguished career in professional services (*cough* accounting! *cough*) and software sales, then one of his clients asked him to find a better technology solution for running his AEC design business. Synergy was born (probably in the kitchen or bedroom, if it’s a real software origin story).


It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that underpins our company’s success (and ultimately saved Scott from a career in accounting). Give Scott half a chance and he’ll “just quickly” draw explanatory diagrams on his Surface (or a napkin), causing eye rolls and enthusiasm in equal measure.


Top three apps: Tripit | OneNote | OneDrive

Daniel Cran

Chief Customer Officer

If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

Dan has been in leadership roles around the world for 20 years, with the last 13 of those being in technology. He’s run regions, launched start-ups, scaled up businesses, opened offices in both Australia and the US, consulted, and held C-level roles. In his own words, he’s “seen it all in the tech space!” What’s the biggest lesson Dan’s learned from all this experience? “That empowering people and simplifying the processes are the keys to success.”


When he’s not burning bright in the TS Sydney office, Dan’s hobbies include not wearing shoes, being immersed in water, watching every and any sport (“except one, which I refuse to”), cooking, and keeping the good people at the Bundaberg distillery in business.


Top three apps: Twitter | Spotify | Meater

Paul Hemmings

Head of Product Strategy

Paul Hemmings — Product Manager for Total Synergy.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Paul has a lot of experience in AEC business software. He graduated as an architect in 1991, then worked at the Cox Group in IT.


In 1997, Paul founded ProjectCentre (now renamed ‘iTWOcx’), a very well-known construction and engineering project management platform that pre-dated Aconex. ProjectCentre managed quality, financial, and contractual control and safety. In 2012 Paul and his co-founder sold ProjectCentre to RIB Software and Paul remained with the product as the R&D director for a further four years. Paul joined Team Total Synergy in November 2017.


Top three apps: TFS | Yammer | Google

Amit Kubovsky

Group Development Manager

Amit Kubovsky — Group Development Manager for Total Synergy.

I understand... Completely.

Amit has an impressive background of development management including in-house and offshore teams. He’s a certified agile practitioner (development and project management techniques), and organizes the development team with millimetric precision.


Top three apps: Apache Solr | WhatsApp | Jenkins






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Damiaan van Zanen

Regional Manager, EMEA

Damiaan van Zanen — Regional Manager, EMEA for Total Synergy.

Stay classy, Saan Diaago!

Damiaan came to Total Synergy after eight years as both business manager to consulting engineering firms, and as CEO of a built environment design business back-office services company. He knows what makes AEC businesses different to other professional services, and knows Synergy inside and out.


Damiaan’s knowledge of Will Ferrell movie quotes is unsurpassed, so just play along if he says something weird. Stay classy!


Top three apps: Citymapper | Beanhunter | Curve