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Total Synergy is a company with a great culture and, above all else, we’re looking for people who fit in with that. We’re a lean team that works hard, we have a vision that says we’re going to be the global market leader, and we’re all on board for the ride.

How we (RIC) roll

We’re a jeans and t-shirt company, we operate in a transparent, open and flexible environment, we are supportive of each other, and love to have a bit of fun.

Marketing (left to right): Rosie Chehade, Matt Hickey and Georgia Keighery.


What’s in it for you

Culture is not perks. Perks are earned by living the values, and we’ve earned a few:

Customer Success (left to right): Levi Blatchford, Anne Thompson, David Marko, Carla Papadimatos and Scott Donnelly.

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