Deliver every project on time and budget
with Synergy

Know exactly how projects are tracking at every stage. Monitor time against headway on site, manhours against availability, expenditure against estimates, all while keeping everyone aligned and focused. 

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Synergy helps you get organised

Know exactly where your project work and people stand at any stage and forecast your future. Keep everyone on track without extra meetings or emails. 

How to create a project in Synergy

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Drive project success with a work breakdown structure, and segment projects into stages, tasks and fee types.


  • Total project information management
  • Prepare accurate, case-based proposals
  • Billable and non-billable projects
  • Compare fees, WIP, budgets to invoices
  • Analyse profitability at multiple levels
  • Connect contacts by project relationship

Resource Planning

Make sure the right people are on the right jobs at the right time using a simple, yet highly visual, Gantt chart. 


  • Understand your capacity to deliver projects in your pipeline 
  • See staffing requirements by role 
  • Assign individual staff to stages based on role and utilisation 
  • See task allocation as a percentage of utilisation at an individual staff level 
  • Drag and drop Gantt chart for visual planning 
  • Dynamic, visual capacity graph for quick interpretation 


Peer into the future of all projects and see revenue estimates down to a stage level.


  • Understand your revenue forecast 
  • See an estimate of revenue across all projects 
  • See revenue at stage level 
  • Adjust percentage likelihood of winning projects with automatically updated revenue and capacity forecasts 
  • Drag and drop Gantt chart for visual planning 
  • Dynamic, visual revenue graph for quick interpretation 

Budget Planning

Manage your budget with internal costs, contractor costs, and expenses. Identify what parts of the budget are for real profit.

Task Management

Turn your long-term, broad-view planning into a more granular set of focus points.  


  • Keep track of important tasks that might otherwise go missing 
  • Allocate tasks to your team 
  • Check on the progress of tasks with ease 


Visualise important business and project information, and quickly identify areas that need attention or improvement. 


  • See tasks due 
  • See recent projects, documents and contacts 
  • Monitor KPIs 
  • Alerts for timesheets, WIP, debtors, etc. 
  • Customise dashboards 


Present organised data and drill-down reports for better business and project decisions.


  • Library of standard reports 
  • Share with selected staff 
  • Create PDFs or export to Excel 
  • Easy to filter, group and sort 
  • Create custom reports 
  • Modify existing reports, create new 

How easy it is to use Synergy to manage your business and projects?

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