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12d Synergy

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12d Synergy

Architects and engineers can use the 12d Synergy add-on to pull important project information from Synergy for CAD and 12d Model projects.

Pull important project information from Synergy into 12d Synergy.

The 12d Synergy add-on provides an optimized business solution for the engineering and architecture industry by connecting Synergy’s project management information to 12d Synergy’s data management.

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Synergy + 12d Synergy

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration tool for Windows environments. It’s designed to work seamlessly with CAD, 12d Model and other geospatial applications. The 12d Synergy add-on for Synergy pulls important project information from Synergy into 12d Synergy.

Getting started

Simply connect 12d Synergy from the main organization menu, or get in touch with us to book a free online demo.

Already a 12d Synergy customer? Contact their support team to find out how to connect your existing account with Synergy.