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Sharepoint + Synergy: Document Control for Built Environment Design Firms

An easy way to link, share, and manage your important project documentation.

Leverage the power of Microsoft’s premiere document collaboration and control tool

SharePoint helps you drive organisational efficiency. Create a dedicated site for your projects and easily share documents and resources with your colleagues in real time, to review, iterate, and finalise

Synergy-SharePoint sync

Link and store key documentation across Synergy and SharePoint

With your Synergy folders and files linked and copied to SharePoint, you’ll save time and ensure consistency in your record keeping. Store and edit your documents in SharePoint, have your final copies recorded in Synergy’s Document Register, and issue them to your clients through Synergy’s transmittal system.

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“All the project information is in one place where the right people can access it.”

Chris Lelliott | Director,
MVL Architects and Surveyors

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Can I have a demo of Synergy’s SharePoint integration?
Yes, we’d love to show you how Synergy and SharePoint can be leveraged together to help your company’s documentation processes. Click here to book a demo.

How do I work with CAD files and the Add-On?
Synergy and the SharePoint Add-On can be used in tandem with your design software, such as Revit, Adobe Creative Cloud, or BIM360. Your designing and authoring can be done as normal in those systems, and then you can bring your final document or design output into Synergy to be recorded in Synergy’s Document Register and SharePoint.  

How do I purchase Synergy’s SharePoint Add-On?
You can subscribe to Synergy’s SharePoint Add-On from the subscription page inside Synergy. This is also where you can find out the price of a subscription for your company size and region. 

Does the SharePoint Add-On have any prerequisites?
Yes. To integrate, you will need to have both Synergy and SharePoint for your company. Subscribing to SharePoint is a separate process managed by Microsoft. You can learn more about subscribing to SharePoint here.   






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