May Update: Improve your workflow with our latest Project and Invoice Management tools

This May, we’re excited to roll out a series of powerful new features to transform how you manage projects and invoices. These enhancements are part of our commitment to continuous improvement and are aimed at helping you achieve greater efficiency and precision in your work.

Custom Colours

Our new Custom Colours feature allows for a high degree of personalisation in managing and viewing your projects. This feature facilitates better visual management by enabling you to select specific colours for stages, tasks, and milestones. It can be aligned with specific standards like the RIBA Plan of Work. This visual customisation helps project tracking and enhances the presentation and understanding of project phases among team members and stakeholders.

Custom Colours on planning boards

Image: Customise Colours on Planning Boards
RIBA Plan of Work 2020

This feature is particularly useful for UK customers, giving them the ability to tailor project colours to align with the RIBA Plan of Work colours for better identification and management of work in progress.

Image: RIBA Plan of Work 2020

Project and Invoice Filtering 2.0

The updated filtering options make managing large volumes of project and invoice data easier. This feature significantly reduces the steps required to find the information you need by enabling you to apply filters directly from the column headers. The new ‘Clear All’ button and visible filter tags further streamline the process, enhancing your ability to manage projects and invoices quickly and accurately.

Advanced Invoice Notes

With the updated Advanced Invoice Notes, you now have more robust tools to manage communication and record-keeping directly within your invoices. This feature expands the types of notes you can include and introduces an improved interface for managing them, making it easier to add detailed context, set tasks directly from notes, and link relevant information. This can significantly reduce the time spent navigating different tools and ensure that key details are readily accessible.

Invoice Documents

The new Invoice Documents feature is designed to simplify handling invoice-related documents. Improvements in how documents are previewed and attached within the system minimise the need to switch between screens or use external tools for document management. Whether sending a payment application or attaching supporting documents to invoices, these tasks can now be performed seamlessly within the action pane.

Other Improvements

We’re always looking for ways to improve your Synergy experience, and these updates are just the beginning. We invite you to download the Technical Release Notes below for a detailed overview of all the changes and enhancements included in this release.

Embrace the power of customisation and collaboration with Custom Colours and Advanced Invoice Notes, and discover how these new features can transform your project management process. We’re excited to see how you leverage these tools to bring your projects to life in new and vibrant ways.

We value your feedback and are eager to hear how these updates help you achieve greater project management success. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on these exciting new features!

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