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Has clarity on business performance become a pain in the AEC?

Synergy is a cloud-based business and project management software for architects and engineers. We’re built to help. 

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Anne, Senior Customer Success Specialist


You’re steering the success of your architecture business. You want to drive it by doing great work, that shapes our world. We know the best way you can do that is by utilising your assets successfully. So, you’ve got two levers to direct your growth and profit:

What is Synergy software?

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See how Total Synergy has built Synergy software specifically to support your business and project success.



We invite you to join Paul Hemmings, our Head of Product, for an introduction to Total Synergy and a quick overview of our Synergy cloud application.

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We’re excited to show you how we help you meet and defeat the real, daily challenges you face in your business and project management. For that reason, we want to offer you Synergy free for three months when you sign up for an annual contract before October 1, 2021.

*Terms and conditions apply. Talk to us to find out more.

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With the first hand, you need to manage your employee resources effectively. Which means allocating them to your best advantage — the right people on the right projects. And ‘right’ means making sure that those resources who are strategically important to the business are deployed in a way that’s most profitable to the business. If you have a client who has a potentially profitable project, but is also … we’ll call it, ‘tricky’ … you want to know you can assign their project to the project manager who’s best at managing tricky clients and delivering an excellent outcome. How can you track who’s working on what, and when, in real time? How can you see, at a glance, if a resource is being over-used? Or under utilised? How can you make sure employees you have available in the future match the capacity you’ll require?  


With your other hand, you need to develop and maintain relationships with priority clients. Which means knowing which clients are most profitable, which clients represent repeat work and need nurturing, and which projects from those clients are most beneficial to your practice — who pays on time? Who gives you the most work? In which area of the business? Which ones tend to throw the most variations on their projects? 


Our single focus is to put those two levers into your hands, in real time. Our software is built with and for architects, so we understand which features are critical to you. 

Real-time resource planning

Real-time dashboards

Advanced forecasting

Synergy Add-ons streamline and centralise your business

Connecting leading applications to Synergy has huge benefits including saving time by eliminating double entry, streamlining your management processes, and getting a clearer, broader, real-time view of what’s really happening in your business and projects.


Check out the add-ons we offer for Synergy cloud and see how we can centralise your data and simplify your workflows.

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“One of the opportunities that comes with moving to the cloud is that it’s much easier now to integrate one software with another.”

Paul Hemmings
Head of Product Total Synergy


Welcome to Total Synergy
Get to know us a little better.

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Case Study

Are you inKleined to go the cloud? The successes of one architecture firm ‘up there’.

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Forecasting and capacity planning
What AEC businesses need to do right now.

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