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Synergy has moved far beyond the desktop and periodic upgrades. Cloud technologies allow Synergy to rapidly evolve to meet our AEC customers’ complete project delivery needs — wherever they are creating smart and beautiful spaces.

It's time to make the switch

By 31 December 2022 your Total Synergy on-premises practice management software will unfortunately no longer continue to be supported, and hence, we’d like to encourage and help you to migrate all your data to Synergy cloud. We’ll work closely with your business to make this transition as quick and as seamless as possible.


In light of the covid pandemic, it’s never been more imperative to transition to a dynamic, cloud platform to enable your team to work from anywhere, help you attract and retain staff and deliver better projects.


We understand your concerns around time, cost, and capacity to make this migration to Synergy cloud happen, but we’d like to assure you that the benefits to your business of migrating from desktop to cloud far outweigh the short-term pains.

The main benefits of migrating to Synergy cloud include:


Work from anywhere, at any time, on any device, and easily manage remote teams


No maintenance or installations required, one universal version that’s always up to date

Cost of management

No servers or networks to manage, and no separate security or maintenance costs

Backup and recovery

Multiple back-ups and instant recovery increases operational resilience


Rapid, frequent release cycles, with opportunities for customers to provide feedback on product features

Software integration

Easily integrate with other cloud software, and connect multiple specialist apps


Secure network infrastructure, secure hardware and firmware, and multiple layers of data encryption


Highly scalable platform, easily change users and storage levels to improve business efficiency

Understand how your Synergy migration journey will work

We'll introduce you to Synergy cloud, what's new and how the migration journey works
Who to involve?
• Decision makers
• C-level
• Directors
• Department heads and/or senior Synergy users
Step 1: 1-2 half-hour sessions
Get to know your way around Synergy cloud, ask us questions and start to get familiar with how it will work in your business
Who to involve?
Your organisation will need a product champion/sto drive the migration and learn the product. The product champion should start a trial and invite staff from each department that uses Synergy (finance, directors, users)
Step 2: 1-2 weeks
We'll get into the nitty-gritty — what's new in cloud, what's not there yet, what parts of your workflow might need to be altered and where Synergy cloud is headed
Who to involve?
• Product champion
• People accountable for using Synergy
• Reporting and processes — think finance managers
• Practice managers
• A Synergy consultant (recommended)
Step 3: 1 day
Let's get your data into the cloud! See your projects live — take a walk in Synergy cloud through your workflows and a day inthe life of your projects
Who to involve?
Everyone! Especially those in your team that use Synergy everyday
Step 4: 4-12 weeks depending on the size of company
Our consultants team can deliver contextual role based training for your entire organisation, remotely or in person
Who to involve?
Everyone that uses Synergy
Step 5: 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the size of company
Build your reports and document templates in the cloud, by yourself or with our consultants
Who to involve?
• Business/practice managers
• Administrative staff
• Finance team
Step 6: 3 days to 2 weeks
The Synergy migration team will migrate the last three years of your Synergy desktop data into Synergy cloud, ready for cut-over
Who to involve?
• Product champions
• IT
Step 7: 4 hours to 3 days
Good to go! Learn more about life in the cloud
Who to involve?
Absolutely everybody
Step 8: We're always here to help
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Thousands of your peers have already made the switch

In the field

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How moving to the cloud kept Contour Consulting Engineers focused on their foundations

Engineering, 6 - 30 staff
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Since 2008

Finance manager Crystal, says the visibility on the performance of task, stage and project levels of work is probably the area of most impressive improvement for Contour Consulting Engineers. Read how they use Synergy to achieve that improvement.

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Cera Stribley Architects — how moving to the cloud gives the firm more time to learn

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Ready to move on up to the cloud?

We’ve had a positive response from other businesses in a similar position to yours, and as a result, available slots for migration are filling up quickly. If you’d like to find out more about moving from Total Synergy on-premises practice management software to Synergy cloud, or book in a slot for migration before your software is no longer able to be supported at 31 December 2022, please contact us.






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