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Premium API


Synergy’s Premium API allows Synergy to integrate with your architecture, engineering, or construction design business’ preferred software packages

  • Allows your architecture, engineering, or construction design business to make 60,000 calls per day, of which 20,000 can be used for Transaction endpoints. (Synergy’s Open API is a free feature in Synergy and allows businesses to make 300 calls per day. An API call refers to any request made to share data between two systems.)
  • Share important financial data between Synergy and your business accounting software including Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online.
  • Share important project information between Synergy and your project tools including Drawboard Projects and 12d Synergy.


APIs — what they are and why they’re important

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are a set of rules that allow one computer software to talk to another.

According to technology media site Propmodo, “APIs can push and pull a massive amount of data and have enabled the modern tech stack”.

Software solutions are providing more and more of the backbone of architecture, engineering, and construction design business operations. Therefore, the ways these programs interact is going to determine the flow (or lack thereof) of your business’ workflows.

We wrote a blog that further details what APIs are and why you and your business should care — you can read it here.


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