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Project management

Project management for architects, engineers and construction

Project management is the foundation of any architecture, engineering or construction design (AEC) business. In AEC businesses, resources are primarily people — designers and project managers, contractors, partners, specialist firms — all of whom need to work around a central hub of project information.

Synergy is designed specifically for the project management needs of architectural, engineering and construction design people, projects and businesses. Here’s how it works:

Project management with Synergy
[Some functions only available in Enterprise.]

Synergy builds projects around a central point of project information. Other products sometimes call this project information management. Tasks and time frames are set and resources assigned through a work breakdown structure; documents are stored in central folders; contacts are linked to the project.

Task management

Tasks need to be plotted and allocated to the right people with the right time frames defined. A work breakdown structure lets design teams know which tasks are to be worked on in each stage, and the expected time frame for those tasks.

Synergy’s work breakdown structure works on any web-enabled device — desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone — meaning project teams can access critical project task information wherever they are. This, coupled with Synergy’s project accounting features, means project managers are tapped-in to the health and progress of projects at all times.

Project planning and delivery

Synergy’s project planning board is a sophisticated Gantt chart that helps architects and engineers forecast revenue and plan resources with drag and drop functionality that makes it quicker, easier and more accurate for architects and engineers to plan project delivery. Forecasting and resourcing go hand-in-hand to help AEC businesses answer two important questions:

  • Do we have enough business in the pipeline to run the practice and pay the staff?
  • Do we have enough of the right staff to deliver the projects we expect to win?

Forecasting and resourcing helps you interpret your historical work, your current team composition, and the work you have coming in the future. It gives project managers confidence in delivering the projects for their clients on time and on budget.

Document management

Document management is a lot more than just saving files against a contact or connecting to cloud storage like OneDrive or Dropbox. Good projects revolve around centralized project information management — a single point for project documents where everyone involved in the project can access and manage them. Being able to share access to the project documents means all parties are visibly working on the same version, with the most up-to-date information. Synergy lets administrators and project managers set security and access levels on folders and documents.

AEC project management is simplified with Synergy.

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