Total Synergy announces partnership with UpSheets

Total Synergy announces partnership with UpSheets to bring efficiencies to AEC practices by making payroll easier and more accurate.

9 May, 2023, Sydney, Australia – Total Synergy, a global leading provider in business management software and solutions for architects, engineers and construction businesses has announced a new integration partnership with UpSheets, a cloud based platform that streamlines the management of Xero payroll, to make payroll easier, more efficient and accurate. The partnership allows Total Synergy clients the ability to easily send employee timesheet data from the Total Synergy platform to Xero Payroll). 

The integration will allow Total Synergy clients teams to seamlessly manage payroll through Xero, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the efficiency of the process. With UpSheets’ intuitive interface, users can easily upload data and manage payroll quickly and accurately. The platform’s automation features also eliminate the need for manual data entry, freeing up valuable time for project teams. 

As the AEC industry continues to evolve, digital transformation and the use of technology to drive business efficiencies and performance is critical. Total Synergy and UpSheets look forward to developing the partnership and bringing innovation and intelligence to architecture, engineering and construction design businesses and teams. 

“We are excited to partner with UpSheets to bring our clients even more value and help them streamline their workflow,” said Scott Osborne, CEO of Total Synergy. “With this integration, our clients will be able to manage their payroll more efficiently and accurately, which will save them time and reduce the risk of errors.” 

“UpSheets is thrilled to partner with Total Synergy to bring our unique platform to their clients,” said Ben MacDonald, CEO of UpSheets. “Our cloud-based solution empowers project teams to manage payroll with ease, and we are excited to offer our capabilities to Total Synergy’s clients.”   

Osborne adds, “We are committed to bringing innovative technology solutions to the global AEC industry and have been doing so for more than 20 years. We passionately believe that practices should adopt new technologies across their business to help drive efficiencies in managing businesses”.



About Total Synergy
Founded in Australia in 1999, Total Synergy is a global leader in business management software and solutions for Architecture, Engineering and Construction design (AEC) businesses. More than 14,000 users and 800 businesses in 13 countries rely on Total Synergy for intelligent business and project management software and superior services. Built by AEC industry experts, for the industry, Total Synergy helps businesses to effectively manage operations to increase profitability and create more time for design.  

About UpSheets
UpSheets is a cloud-based platform that enables applications to rapidly integrate with Xero payroll and projects. With UpSheets, project teams can eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors, freeing up valuable time for more important tasks.  

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