Preparing for 2024 and establishing a clear strategic direction

Total Synergy partnered with Architecture Today to hold a business breakfast “Preparing for 2024 and establishing a clear strategic direction” at Redchurch Street Studio in London.

Originally published by Architecture Today 13 December, 2024

Leading members in the architectural profession gathered to discuss key challenges and opportunities presented by today’s construction market and what insights could be drawn that might point to future industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

Total Synergy’s commercial lead Miles Mitchell presented alongside economist and author of Brickonomics, Brian Green; and Director of Savills’ London residential development team, Tom Mann. Brian presented key insights on the relationship between construction and GDP and how that affects the overall performance of the construction sector, and how would architects face short term economic pain, but due to significant shifts occurring they could potentially reshape and restructure the built environment. Tom heavily focused his attention on the current state of the London property market which he expressed to be bleak with an uncertain future due to a ‘broken’ planning system and a shortage of housing.

Miles gave an inciteful presentation around the importance of adopting adaptable software platforms in order to have long term success. Miles sighted the evolution of digital platforms, from early CAD software to advanced cloud-based systems currently being adopted by practices and identified a shift towards practice management software like Synergy. Miles highlighted Synergy’s has key advantages including its capacity to navigate dynamic project scopes, timelines, and requirements, ensuring design integrity, while also offering flexibility in project resourcing, scalability through effective communication and tracking, and responsiveness for quick and accurate decision-making by project teams.

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