How Synergy’s outlook add-in eases the pain of your project information and email management

Synergy has always had a way of filing your emails through our Outlook add-in, but now we’ve added some customer-requested features to make it even easier to manage your project emails and documents … and they’re free and ready to go with every level of Synergy subscription!

Whilst Synergy has always had a way of filing your emails through our Outlook add-in, we’ve added some features (at the request of our customers) to make it even easier to manage your project emails and documents.

“Filed” tag — We’ve added a function that puts a little label on any email in your Outlook inbox. This icon shows you immediately what you’ve filed and what you haven’t, like a flagging system it shows you at a glance what needs to be done.

File on send” automaton — We’ve also added a “file on send” function, which is quite automatic (especially if you’re replying to something that you’ve already filed) because it will recognise that your email is part of a thread and automatically file it for you. No more wasting time combing through your sent email folder to file important communications!

Filing attachments elsewhere — For incoming emails, we’ve added a feature where you can optionally split off the attachments and file them somewhere else in your document register. That’s particularly useful if the attachment is a documentation set that’s coming in from one of your third-party stakeholders. If the email you’re receiving says, “Hi everyone, here’s the structural drawing set”, then at the time of receiving, Synergy’s Outlook add-in will take those attachments and file them in the folder called “structural” that’s associated with that project. Time-saving streamlining at its best.

Automated, project-centric filing — If you’ve got a lot of projects, one of the challenges in terms of filing, is working out where documents and emails should be filed. The Synergy cloud platform has always had a way of choosing a folder to put it in, but you can have a lot of folders. Now, we’ve worked out ways to make that a lot easier! Whilst you can still manually choose a folder, we’ve added some AI that inspects the email and tries to match it up against a project.

If your email is a reply, Synergy knows it’s part of a thread, so will be 100 percent certain that it should be filed in the same place you filed the original. When you’re composing an email to send, as you type the subject and body, Synergy is monitoring the typing and will detect a project number or project name and suggest a filing location for you.

If your charge-out rate is 200 per hour, and we can save your team 15 minutes a day by streamlining your filing process, then actually that 15 minutes a day is a 1000 a month worth of extra billable time. Per employee! … and it’s complimentary with every level of Synergy subscription!

We’re not supposed to give hints in this industry. However, just quietly, and because I know you won’t tell, we do have a big release, which will take all these features I’ve mentioned and pump them full of steroids to create a new add-on product that’ll be available next year. For the time being, we’ve got everything you need for effective project information management … but stay tuned for the ways we can turn your email and document management into your AEC superpower.

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