Task management

Turn your long-term, broad-view planning into a more granular set of focus points with Synergy task management.

Key benefits of Synergy task management for architecture, engineering, and construction design businesses:

  • Keep track of important tasks that might otherwise go missing
  • Allocate tasks to your team
  • Check on the progress of tasks with ease

To dos

Make your project planning more granular with to-do lists in Synergy. Easily assign to-dos to the team member who’s to do them.


Track the smaller day-to-day activities that are so vital to the completion of a project but are often overlooked or forgotten.


Create to-dos in context with project stages and tasks in Synergy.


Synergy to-dos is available on business and enterprise plans.


Synergy’s Kanban boards help you visualize how team members are tracking getting through their list of to-dos.


Synergy Kanban boards are customized to match the workflows of architecture, engineering and built environment design consulting firms, unlike generic Kanban options. They also tie in with everything you’ve set up in Synergy, making it easy to allocate jobs to the right people so they get delivered on time.


Key features of Synergy Kanban boards:


  • Backlog items (jobs that haven’t yet been addressed or allocated) are easy to see and are automatically sorted — Synergy knows when tasks become relevant based on the schedule you’ve made
  • When you allocate a card to a team member, it goes in their ‘I’m going to do it next’ column. We’ve deliberately made this column twice as big as other columns because when you start handing out things to do, there are going to be quite a few things in that list
  • It then gets moved to ‘In progress’ — where you can easily see who’s working on what on any given day
  • When done, the card gets dropped into the ‘For review’ column — Synergy automatically knows who’s in charge of that stage, based on how you’ve set up your schedule, and sends a notification to the reviewer to check that item and say it’s done. The reviewer just has to tick it to say it’s approved — then that goes into the ‘I’ve done it column’ (or lets the team member know more work needs to be done on the job)
  • There’s a toggle to see what’s been completed
  • The cards also show up in the to-do list on each team member’s dashboard, in the order they’re to be done in


At the finest granularity, your Synergy Kanban board is based on the to-dos that are attached to one specific task — the smallest subset of tickets — but then you can go up a level and see all of the tickets that are attached to the whole project. You can roll up boards in a number of different ways to look at tasks across projects, teams and offices — don’t just see what you’re doing on a single job, but how your workload relates to everything you’re working on across the entire portfolio.


Synergy gives you end-to-end task management — from looking at your entire portfolio (including the CRM opportunities you haven’t won yet) through to using your templates to design very specific and detailed projects very quickly, all the way through to the Kanban boards where you’re managing people’s individual jobs on a day-by-day basis.

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