Manage documents with structured folders, version and security control, simple sharing.

Security control at folder and file level, search by tags and keywords, store any file type, share via portal or email.

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management software for your documents:

  • Flexible cloud storage
  • Secure online sharing with project team
  • Match emails to projects
  • Automatically creates project folders
  • Document version control
  • Create document and email templates
Manage documents and all project-related information with Synergy business and project management software.

Find out how Synergy can help you manage your documents

Synergy documents lets you create, search, share and manage documents across projects, contacts and portals.


Control document versions and security at folder and file level — peace of mind document management for architecture, engineering and construction design projects.

Why store your documents in Synergy?

Using Synergy to manage project folders, and in being able to share documents with your staff and third parties securely, you can see who has accessed any document. This ensures you know the project team is working from the right versions of the project documents, reducing your risk.


Synergy’s flexible cloud storage options mean you can buy additional storage as required and keep everything in one secure, searchable place.


Your staff can view their assigned tasks on their dashboard and start activity timers either from here or the work breakdown structure. Task details are automatically added to the timesheet entry, and notes can be added inline on the task.

Benefit from the power of Synergy document management for architects, engineers and construction design people:


  • Centralised project folders
  • Secure cloud storage per paid user – no back-ups required
  • Buy more cloud storage as required
  • Administrators and project managers control access to documents and folders
  • File emails to project folders
  • Multiple search and filter options including by tags, keywords and file names across all projects you have access to
  • Package and share files within Synergy via the project portal, and by email
  • Track access and downloads of documents in project portals (see if the person you shared the document with has logged in and downloaded it)
  • Manage project images with image library. View in thumbnail preview grids, tag and bulk tag for simple search
  • Store any electronic file type including drawings, emails, PDFs, MS docs, images and video
  • Library of standard templates for professional communication included in all levels

More benefits of Synergy documents

Additional benefits of Synergy documents for architects and engineers include:



  • Secure, central storage in the cloud
  • Customisable internal project folder structure
  • Save documents against organization, project, or contact and staff records
  • Import files from other directories
  • File emails from Microsoft Outlook — desktop and Office 365
  • Save attachments separately
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Roll back using version history
  • Check-out for editing or viewing (file is locked when checked-out for editing)



  • Single view of all documents and files
  • Search file names and types
  • Tag files for simple search
  • Multiple sort and filter options
  • View files by project, contact or organization
  • Security and control over documents and emails — project managers and administrators set access rights to any file or folder
  • Complete version history



  • Automatic document naming rules to ensure consistency in document names
  • Automatically insert information from Synergy into Microsoft Word documents using bookmarks (linked merge fields)
  • Standard document template for download (all levels)
  • Upload custom document templates to library (Business level and above)
  • Dynamic document template builder — add merge fields from Synergy to a document and see these populated with the information you want. Synergy shows a preview of the document before you create it



  • Synergy project portals let you share documents and images with your team and invited third parties (client, contractors, consultants, suppliers, etc.)
  • Package files to be sent by email from project documents or project portal
  • Add new contacts at point of sharing with quick add function

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