Synergy product update — June 2020 — Update to resource planning

This month we’re delighted to bring you another update to the continuously evolving resource planning module. We’ve also made improvements to invoices, reports and transmittals.

UPDATE — Weekly resourcing

Budget indicator

When you click on a budget indicator in the planning board, it now stays open until you close it. This means you can tinker with your resources until you get your planning just right.


We know your projects follow some kind of pattern — fine-tune your projects from their outset to save you time in the long run:

  • Split a role’s allocation from your project templates and every new project will be planned in this way
  • Templates are now more granular

Planning board in planning mode

You can now split bars in planning mode, just like you would in delivery mode. This means you can plan your project right from its outset.

When you shrink a role’s allocation, you can now see how many people it will take to complete the work in that amount of time.

Resource sidebar

You can continue dragging the slider for a resource to accommodate for the amount of work that needs to be done. New bars will then appear to indicate when you have exceeded a resource’s weekly capacity.

Planning board in delivery mode

Grid view

When you assign a resource in the schedule (Gantt chart) and are in delivery mode, you can add as many hours as you need to from the grid view. You’ll know if they’re overallocated — the cell will be red.

Staff member sidebar

When you drag the slider scale to allocate hours for a staff member, we’ve limited this to 125 percent per drag. As an added visual aid, when you hit 105 percent, the slider will change to red. It’s a small enhancement to help you manage your resources better.

UPDATE — Invoicing

Credit returning to WIP

Have you invoiced a client but need to remove some transactions? Credit returning to WIP will help you do this.


Invoices now generate in the background! No more waiting around. You’ll receive a notification in Synergy when your invoice is ready.

UPDATE — Reports

When you create a new report, there’s now tooltips that describe the reporting columns. This is particularly useful when you have columns that are similar.

UPDATE — Transmittals

You now don’t need to be part of Synergy to access transmittals.

UPDATE — Subscriptions

You can now select how many, and which users are allowed access to Synergy Fieldbook* from the subscriptions page.

*Synergy Fieldbook is an add-on app for surveying teams.

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes (Synergy login required).

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