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Synergy product update – December 2021 – Christmas Wishlist Updates

December 12th, 2021

Happy Festive Season, from Total Synergy! As we wrap up the year 2021, we’d like you to unwrap some highly requested enhancements we’ve made to the Synergy platform. We’ve been hard at work putting decorations on existing features, such as filters in the planning board. We’ve also made projects and budgets more user-friendly. Read all about the changes below.

NEW – (Don’t forget the) Total Synergy Community  

This is a new forum which allows you to connect with other Synergy cloud users and the Total Synergy team right across the globe.   

UPDATE – Synergy HR 

UPDATE – Transactions  

UPDATE – Projects  

UPDATE – Planning board 

UPDATE – Resourcing and Revenue Forecasting board   

UPDATE – Fixes and improvements