Synergy product update — August 2021 — New stage management, updated transaction screens, invoicing, planning board, and more

In this release, Stage management is coming your way! We’ve worked hard to update how key features like invoicing and the planning board work to make it faster for the Synergy community. This month it’s the little things that have gone the longest way. Read about all the changes below.

NEW — Stage management

  • Add stages, choose the phase it belongs to, and add a variety of stage details including status, cost centre, and discipline.
  • Reorder the columns on the screen to however you’d like to see them. You can do this by dragging and dropping them (similar to reports)
  • Two brand new columns for Fee/Cap and WIP
  • Right-click actions have been added and you can copy or duplicate stages, view financials, view transactions, and invoice stages.
  • Invoice a stage using the right-click action – it will be selected automatically in the draft invoice.
  • Alter access to stage management in the Security matrix. By default, Assistant and System admins will have access to the feature. Read more

UPDATE — Transactions screen

  • We’ve added a ‘filter by staff name’ option

UPDATE — Invoicing

  • When creating a new invoice, no stages will be selected initially. You will be able to select just the stages you want to invoice, or bulk-select all of the stages.
  • We’ve made the WIP figure show automatically on each stage so you can see what you can invoice.
  • The WIP figure will also update automatically if the figure changes.

UPDATE — Planning board

  • Bulk-edit stages in the project planning screen – edit up to a month in advance at once and then save the cells all at once.

UPDATE — Fixes + improvements 

  • Project search — Filter by project prefix in the search bar.
  • Global search — Get a list of your most recent projects when you’re searching. This will appear when searching by name or number.

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