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Synergy product update — 18 November 2019 — Task management

November 17th, 2019

This month’s product update is all about task management — you can now add tasks in the project schedule screen of the planning board. We’ve also made enhancements to project templates to help you generate more accurate proposals, more frequently.

New — Task management in the project schedule screen

Are you more of a visual planner? Use the project schedule, a Gantt chart-like view, to adjust your project tasks and milestones in Synergy.

Take advantage of added functionality to add tasks in the project template — so they’re always there when you create a new project using that template — and add tasks in the project schedule planning screen. You can also now add milestones to the project plan setting target dates for significant points in time.

Take a look at the handy explainer video here.

New — Tasks dates

Schedule your tasks more accurately with start and end dates. 

New — Hide completed stages

Are you working on a big project with many stages? For a cleaner view, use the toggle option to hide your completed stages in the schedule.

New — Milestones

We developed milestones, a point in time in the project where a deliverable is due. See all your milestones on a project in the milestone report page.

The milestone report page shows how you are tracking compared to your scheduled milestone completion date.

Read the task management blog by Synergy product manager Paul Hemmings.

Update — Excel imports

Take advantage of added functionality:

Update — Security matrix

In Synergy Enterprise, you can now limit who has access to the project schedule from the security matrix page.

Update — Add template

We’re all about efficiency here, so you can now add a project template from all the pages in the planning board.

Using Synergy’s elastic planning, the template will scale according to your project start and end dates, and fee, when a template is added to a project.

Update — Tasks reports

You can see all your tasks and milestones in the tasks report. The report also has new columns that show the start date, the due date and the completed date. And a handy new report is ‘list the overdue tasks on all my projects’.

Update — By office folder sync

If you use the folder sync and have multiple offices, you can now choose which office the folders are synced to.

Update — Custom fields

URLs entered in the custom fields are now clickable.