Synergy product update — 15 December 2019 — reports improvements and enhancement to how emails are sent

We're capping off the year with a release that covers a bit of maintenance and some subtle, but key, enhancements to how you send invoice emails from Synergy and some improvements to reports.

Update — Reporting improvements

  • You can now sort within a grouping in all the reports. Sort either by ascending or descending order.
  • When you generate a PDF, you can now add page breaks in-between the groupings in your reports.
  • We changed the order in the ‘grouping and sorting’ dialog, so keep an eye out for the change next time you customise a report.
  • We have a big Christmas treat for you if you use custom fields. You can now filter by these in reports.

Update — Sending invoice emails 

  • You can customise both the ‘from name’ and the subject in your emails.
  • You can also now add your logo to the email when sending invoices from Synergy.

Update — MYOB performance improvements 

Syncing to MYOB is a lot faster, after we redeveloped the code to fit in this release.

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