February Update: Making your onboarding journey with data migration simple

Adopting a new system can seem like a daunting endeavor. We’ve been busy working on new technologies and are introducing a new advanced importing tool to make the process of moving your more detailed project data from your system into Synergy as simple as possible.

Gain greater control over your projects with all your project and financial data in one central location

Every practice has a range of data being used to manage staff, projects, and the business. You need to have confidence in your accounting and project information, so you can manage your profitability. That’s where Synergy comes in to help.  

However, it can often be time-consuming and confusing to move your data into a new system; especially if you’re a large company with complex financial and transactional data. 

To help, we’ve created a set of advanced importing tools that we’ll use behind the scenes to make everything quick and easy for you, which is available as an additional service.   

All you’ll need to do is export your existing data from where it’s currently saved into Excel. If you’re using Excel now, you’re already a step ahead in the process. From there, you simply send it to our dedicated and experienced Implementation Team, and we’ll work with these new tools to import your data into Synergy, so you can get on with the business at hand.  

This means you can not only adopt Synergy with greater confidence, but also enhance your efficiency by having your historical financial data and records in one central location. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to give you back more time for design.

Enhancements to our Knowledge Base to give you the guidance you need  

The team has been working hard to update our Knowledge Base over the past few months and we have now released a number of the new sections, including Getting Started, Product Help & Support, Synergy Add-Ons, Updates, and Migrations.  

These are only some of the new sections we’ll be adding as we continue our updates. We look forward to releasing more sections and being able to enhance your learning experience. We would love for you to have a look, read, and learn with the new articles and let us know what you think!  

Other Improvements 

We’ve also added a variety of fixes and improvements. For a full list of changes introduced in this release you can download the release notes below.  

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Are you already using Synergy to enhance your project management? Then join the online Synergy community to talk with us and industry peers about how to achieve your best results, get advice, share ideas and feedback, and more. 

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