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Manage project progress with a work breakdown structure, segment projects into stages, tasks and fee types.

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Central cloud document management for files, images and emails, with security, version control and sharing.

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Project portal

Collaborate on projects via a secure, online portal. Track file viewing and manage communications.

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Document transmittals icon


Send project documents as a transmittal. Download a ZIP file from the portal. Track who downloaded the documents.

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Forecasting icon


Forecast revenue and estimate capacity with a dynamic, drag-and-drop Gantt chart for confirmed and proposed projects.

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Advanced forecasting icon

Advanced forecasting

Advanced forecasting enables directors and project managers to see their revenue breakdown to stage level.

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Resource planning icon

Resource planning

Resource planning allows architecture, engineering and construction design firms to ensure the right resources – people – are on the right jobs at the right time.

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Reporting icon


Present organized data and drill-down reports for better business and project decisions.

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Timesheets icon


Track time on project tasks with timesheets, timers and expense entry for accurate project accounting.

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Invoicing icon


Improve cash flow with simple invoicing. Send invoices with project, stage and task detail, and mixed fee types.

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Email management icon

Email management

Synergy makes project email management easy with its Outlook add-in saving you hours per week.

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Accounting add-ons icon

Accounting add-ons

Connect leading accounting applications to Synergy for synchronized, two-way data transfer.

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Rates and costs icon

Rates and costs

Set staff rates for use at project and stage level. Create non-staff rates to recover costs as expenses.

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Contact management icon


Unlimited contact entry, import from accounts. CRM functions like notes and project history.

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Dashboards icon


Dashboards give you a high level graphical snapshot of the most important business and project information.

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Image gallery icon

Image gallery

Synergy's image gallery lets you view and manage images as the key assets they are. Comment, filter, tag, search, share.

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Security icon

Customizable security

Manage security through a matrix where you can assign custom levels of access to individual staff within your organization.

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Help and support icon

Help and support

Help files, how-to videos and online helpdesk to support you if you get stuck or something’s not working.

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Add-ons icon


Connect Synergy to best-of-breed third party applications, like document management and accounting.

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Multi-office icon

Multi office

Take advantage of organisation-wide resources across offices to solve capacity issues. Account for inter-office/inter-project work.

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Foreign currency icon

Multi-currency invoicing

Send invoices in a different currency — ideal when running jobs overseas. Easily handle exchange rates and fluctuations.

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Project performance icon

Project performance

Instant project health check with visual star rating. Use earned value management to estimate project cost at completion and completion date.

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Data import icon

Data import

Streamline your introduction into Synergy by importing your data from other systems.

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