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Dashboards show important information so you can see project and business health and performance at a glance.

Dashboards offer simple tiled views of the critical parts of your business and projects. See graphical and data-driven snapshots to be instantly informed.

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management dashboards:

  • Tasks due
  • Recent projects, documents and contacts
  • KPIs
  • Alerts for timesheets, WIP, debtors, etc
  • Custom dashboards*
  • Dashboards for organization and projects

Find out how Synergy dashboards help keep you informed

You don’t have to run a report to get critical information on your business and projects – Synergy dashboards surface the information giving you an instant overview of your projects, recent activity and timesheets in a simple series of graphical panels. It’s a good place to start the day. You can see different information on your dashboard depending on your access level — for example, administrators and directors can see business financials, and user access levels will see things like tasks due and recent projects.

Customizable dashboard (Enterprise)

Enterprise level gives you a customizable dashboard so you can choose what information you want to see. Customizing the dashboard is as simple as dragging the widgets into the order you want and removing the ones you don’t want. This means you get the information that’s most important to you at a glance. (Enterprise feature only.)

Key information and quick links

A permanent feature throughout Synergy is what’s called the stats bar. At the top of every page, you’ll see highlighted numbers for things like projects, active contacts, draft invoices (and many more), all of which act as quick links to those areas of Synergy. The stats bar changes to show contextual information related to the section you’re in.

"Project managers can see how their projects are performing, with more efficiency."

Logan McLennan | Ground Testing Business Manager, RDCL

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Synergy dashboards for AEC businesses

These are some of the feeds you could see on your dashboard, depending on your access level:

  • Task due
  • Recent projects
  • Aged WIP
  • Aged debtors
  • Profit
  • Invoiced vs chargeable
  • Recent contacts
  • Utilization
  • Monthly invoice totals
  • Recent chats
  • Missing timesheets
  • Recent documents
  • Hours by project