Project Information Management

Manage all your AEC project documents, drawings, and emails in one place. 

Unified Workspaces

Organise and collaborate more efficiently with a streamlined integration between Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

Document Control

Store, record, revise, and track your project drawings and documentation in Synergy with a formal document register, including revision control and transmittal tracking.

Email Management

Save, store, and retrieve all project-related emails centrally, so you can find the information you need when you need it.

SynergyPIM is a cloud-based Project Information Management system built specifically for the AEC industry that enables greater control, tracking, and management of project documents, drawings, and emails; all in one place – integrated with Synergy’s powerful Project Management and Project Accounting software.  


3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution. Experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle or customise your solution by purchasing them individually.

Unified Workspaces

Empower project organisation and collaboration like never before with a cloud-based space for you to store, share, and work together on projects. Connecting with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams you can centralise your information to deliver time savings, foster better communication, and ensure accuracy and alignment. Work online anywhere, anytime, no matter if your team is working in the office or remotely from home or in the field.

Document Control

Manage and track your drawings and documents with ease and complete control. Automated revisioning means you can be confident that the right people are always working with the right information. Comprehensive automated tracking lets you easily see and audit what transmittals have been sent and which documents have been downloaded. 

Email Management

Save all your project-related emails in bulk in a central location so you can find the information you need when you need it. Capture incoming and outgoing emails and respond on time to RFIs to avoid costly delays and have greater control over the entire communication process.


Stay organised, up-to-date, and in control with a single source of truth

Minimise errors and risk with clearly auditable documentation

Connect and collaborate with ease

Faster and more efficient project delivery

Digital Transformation with a complete cloud solution

Plans of building. Architectural project background. Floor plan designed building on drawing, copy space


Microsoft O365 SharePoint and Teams integration

Store, share, and collaborate on projects with a centralised source of truth – all in the cloud.

Drawing and Document Management

Confidently stay organised and in control of project documentation, whether that’s tens, hundreds, or even thousands of pieces of information over the lifecycle of your project.

Automated Drawing and Document Revisioning

Keep track of updates and variations across drawings, contracts, and other documents; and ensure teams are working with the most up to date project information.

Comprehensive Transmittal Summary

Automatically record track transmittals with a comprehensive summary that tells you what version documents have been sent to stakeholders, and when it was downloaded.

Consistent File Naming

Import documents and have file names automatically updated to ensure consistency across the project and compliance with defined standards.

Email Management and Inbox Assistant

Record and store important email communications for your projects, as well as analyse unfiled emails in your inbox to automatically sort and store with our Inbox Assistant.

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