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Synergy transmittals save you time and reduce risk by allowing you to easily send and track all important project documents and drawings.

Sending transmittals is a key aspect of project delivery for architects, engineers and built environment design consultants. Synergy’s transmittals let you send documents and drawings to the whole project team to view securely in the Synergy project portal.

Transmittals is available in Synergy Business and Synergy Enterprise product levels.

Key benefits of using Synergy transmittals for project information management: 

  • Send documents and drawings as transmittals
  • Download transmittal ZIP from the project portal
  • External project contacts can securely join the portal
  • Detailed transmittal summary document
  • Transmittal log shows who has downloaded
  • Contained in a secure central location

How Synergy transmittals simplify architecture and engineering project information management

Transmittals let project teams send project files, documents and drawings as official document transmittals. The transmittal summary shows who the transmittal was sent to, the documents and revisions included, and general details about the related project.

In the projects section of Synergy, you can see which transmittals have been sent for the project. All transmitted files are tracked in the file audit log where you can see who the file was sent to and when they downloaded it.

A transmittal summary document is included as a PDF that lets the portal contacts see who the transmittal was sent to, the documents and revisions included, and general details about the related project. All transmitted files are tracked in the file audit log where you can see who the file was sent to and when they downloaded it.

If you send transmittals to people who are not part of your Synergy project team (e.g. external consultants, clients, contractors, partners), they will automatically be given secure access to the project portal. If they are not Synergy users already, they will need to create a Synergy profile to login and see the transmittal files.


More benefits of Synergy transmittals for architects, engineers and construction design professionals

Sending transmittals is a specific project information management requirement for architecture, engineering and construction projects. Synergy simplifies your project information management in allowing you to invite third-party project team members — consultants, partners, contractors and even your clients — to view transmittals in the project portal without having to pay a subscription fee.

Third-party portal members simply create a Synergy profile — for security purposes and to agree to privacy terms — and can see the project feed showing chats and shared files. This is where the project contacts can download the transmittal ZIP file. The download is logged and the internal project team can see who downloaded it.

The portal becomes a library or repository that contains the shared information about the project —documents, photos, drawings etc. You can always go back to the portal to easily find a project document.

Informal chat vs transmittal

It’s also possible to send files as an ‘informal chat’. This shares the files to the portal feed but without the formality of an official transmittal — great for when you want to share your ideas and get some feedback. Project contacts in the portal can view the files — images, PDFs, drawings, etc — download them individually, and share their comments with you.

Storage space

Synergy comes with cloud file storage. Because it’s a cloud system, the storage you use in your document library is the same as that used for documents in your portal. In other words, you don’t use more storage when sharing files from your document library to the portal (you will use more storage when external files are uploaded to the portal).

As you add more files to your projects’ document libraries, you can increase your cloud storage in the account settings as required.

What is a document transmittal?

A document transmittal is an official way to send updated project documents to other people and organisations working on a project.

Project documents, especially drawings and designs for architecture and engineering projects, are often modified by different people throughout the life of the project. Sending these updated documents by transmittal is a way to officially inform the documents are new or updated versions.

When sending a transmittal with Synergy, the updated documents you transmit are made available in the project portal where those it was sent to can download the documents. The revisions of documents are listed in your project document library — in effect, your document register — where you can see who it was sent to, when, and even when it was downloaded.

Read the transmittals blog by Synergy product manager Paul Hemmings.

SharePoint add-on for Synergy

The SharePoint add-on for Synergy streamlines the process leading up to sending transmittals. Also known as SharePoint for document control, the integration between Synergy and SharePoint enables even better collaboration and document control for architecture, engineering, and construction design project teams.

Find out more about the SharePoint add-on for Synergy.