Task management

Synergy task management

Turn your long-term, broad-view planning into a more granular set of focus points with Synergy task management.

Key benefits of Synergy task management for architecture, engineering, and construction design businesses:

  • Keep track of important tasks that might otherwise go missing
  • Allocate tasks to your team
  • Check on the progress of tasks with ease


Make your project planning more granular with to-do lists in Synergy. Easily assign to-dos to the team member who’s to do them.

Track the smaller day-to-day activities that are so vital to the completion of a project but are often overlooked or forgotten.

Create to-dos in context with project stages and tasks in Synergy.

Synergy to-dos is available on business and enterprise plans.

Synergy to-dos:
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Managing outcomes, not hours — the beautiful view of to-dos in Synergy’s August release

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