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"Among all the practical benefits I knew Synergy would bring, for me, Synergy is pretty to look at and easy to navigate because it appeals to my aesthetic senses."

Renee Clarke | Studio Manager, Clapham Landscape Architecture

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Renee Clarke — Clapham Landscape Architecture

More time for work-life balance

“To have everything in the cloud, and be communicating with clients in the app, so we can be remote and work from anywhere, is just an amazing future for us.

“I think eventually it’s going to allow us to work from wherever we want to work from. For us to be able to communicate, keep the office running, and not necessarily be in the same place… to me, that’s enabling work-life balance.”

Role/s in the business

Renee is responsible for the daily running of the practice, and uses Synergy every day for “project financials, document management, reporting on where our jobs are up to, how much time we’ve used…”

So much love

“I love the reporting. I love it. I also love the help, that I can have a question answered in ten minutes, and if it’s not the right one, it’s back and forth until it’s fixed or I have what I need, or I’ve been shown the right way to do something. I think that’s a standout.”

Why we need Synergy

“We needed to have a system where everyone is on the same page, can quickly see what is going on in the business, and that streamline the project management processes.

“Before a system like Synergy we just wouldn’t have known very accurately how many hours we’d used on a job, it was an entirely manual process.”

Core Synergy features used by Renee

Time saved as a result

“To work out budget versus actuals without Synergy would take hours and hours of going through invoices, charge out rates, timesheets… I can’t even imagine doing that.

“The financial side of Synergy saves me the most time…That saves everyone time — saves the business time.”

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