“With Synergy, the expansion and growth of the business has been easier.”

Mark Rigoni | Principal Civil Engineer, Indesco South Coast

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Mark Rigoni — Indesco South Coast

More time for expansion and growth

“With Synergy, the expansion and growth of the business has been easier. Because of the software, we haven’t really needed to put a dedicated administration person on. It’s easy to manage that sort of thing ourselves, as project managers.”

Role/s in the business

Mark is a principal civil engineer and co-director of Indesco South Coast. Mark’s focus is on civil design and land development. He particularly enjoys working on projects from scratch.

Getting the business up and running

“When we kicked off the business, we didn’t have any administration support right away. We definitely relied on Synergy for project accounting — for tracking hours and being able to push our invoices as quick as we can for cashflow monitoring and cashflow forecasting. Synergy allowed us to forecast resource needs as well.”

Pure cloud software

“Synergy’s web-based. You can access it anywhere, which is great. When starting the business, it allowed me to do everything without having to connect to a server. It was really easy to use — intuitive. I’ve worked on a lot of other programs in the past and they’re quite difficult to figure out — convoluted, complicated.”

Why we need Synergy

“We needed something that was efficient to take care of the back end, so would could focus on actually doing our engineering work.

“A system that could take care of the back end, and ensure that invoices are out, and money is coming in.”

Core Synergy features used by Mark

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