How Community Ideas Shape Our Roadmap at Total Synergy

At Total Synergy, we understand that the path to enhancing our platform is a collaborative journey with our users. That’s why our product roadmap isn’t just a set of directives handed down from our leadership team; it’s a dynamic plan that grows with your input and evolves with your needs.

The Foundation of Our Roadmap

Our roadmap is a carefully curated blend of strategic and tactical improvements aimed at growing our business and enhancing your experience. Each year, we outline our key strategic goals and themes, which become the cornerstone of our planning process. These are not arbitrary choices; they are deliberate steps towards making Synergy  more intuitive and responsive to your needs.

Integrating Community Feedback

Your ideas are invaluable, and there are two main ways they shape our  product roadmap:

  1. Strategic Enhancements: while working on major strategic improvements, we often encounter brilliant suggestions from our Community. These ideas are then woven into these larger projects, ensuring that our strategic initiatives always resonate with your real-world needs.
  2. Smaller Tactical Projects: Not all ideas fit into or require large-scale changes. Some of the best ideas are perfect for smaller, more focused projects. These allow us to deliver continuous improvements and keep Synergy adaptable and aligned with emerging user requirements.

Feeding Strategic Enhancements

In planning our strategic projects, we aim to tackle key areas that need enhancement or new features. For instance, our recent focus on automation and Project Information Management (PIM) stemmed from a deep dive into client feedback. These improvements are not just about adding new features but are designed to make existing functionalities like invoicing and project planning more robust and user-friendly.

Recently delivered strategic initiatives  have included revamping our Planning Boards with features like team assignment per stage, improved page styling, and customised resource planning.

Smaller Tactical Projects

Our roadmap is not just about the big milestones. We place a high value on smaller projects that can be implemented more quickly to address immediate needs or opportunities. Many of these projects originate from ideas shared by our customers:

  • Ability to schedule reports
  • Additional Payment Term Types to make financial transactions more flexible
  • Compulsory Timesheet Notes to enhance the granularity and accountability of time tracking

Your participation through feature requests and feedback doesn’t just influence our roadmap – it shapes it. Every idea you submit is considered and, where possible, integrated into our planning. Whether these ideas become part of a larger strategic initiatives or a smaller targeted project, they play a crucial role in the evolution of Total Synergy.

Note: Bugs are considered as a separate process. Refer to our blog here.

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