How Client Feature Requests Fuel the Total Synergy Roadmap

Maintaining and improving the Synergy platform is an ongoing process. This often involves two key activities: bug fixes and feature requests. Although both are crucial for the evolution of our product, they serve different purposes and are managed in distinct ways.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into what sets these two apart, and why client participation in Community is essential for getting the most out of your Total Synergy plan. 

Keeping the lights on – Understanding bug fixes 

A bug fix refers to the process of identifying, diagnosing, and correcting errors or flaws in our software. Bugs can range from minor graphical glitches that have an insignificant effect on the user experience, to critical vulnerabilities that may compromise the security or functionality of our platform. The primary goal of a bug fix is to bring the software back to its intended state, ensuring reliability, security, and performance.  

Bug fixes are typically reactive, meaning they occur in response to the discovery of a flaw that deviates from expected behaviour. The urgency of a bug fix is determined by the severity and impact of the issue. High-priority bugs, especially those affecting security or causing major disruptions, are addressed immediately. Correcting a bug does not introduce new features, as the aim is to restore original functionality, not to change it.   

If you encounter any bugs, please report them to our support team using the in-app widget found in the bottom right-hand corner of Synergy. We’re here to assist and ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. 

Enhancing the experience – Introducing new features  

A feature request, on the other hand, involves adding new capabilities or enhancements to the software. These can include minor improvements that refine the user experience, changes to an existing feature’s functionality, or new features that open new possibilities for the Synergy platform. Feature requests stem from user feedback, market research, or strategic decisions aimed at keeping the software competitive and relevant.  

Feature requests are usually proactive, focusing on the future development of the product to meet user needs. New features are often inspired by user feedback, trends in technology, and market demands. They are designed to add value to the product and enhance the user experience  

Join the Conversation on Total Synergy Community 

At Total Synergy, we believe that the most innovative feature ideas come directly from our customers. That’s why we’ve made it simple to share your ideas with us with Total Synergy’s Community. 

Eager to see your ideas come to life? Take an active role in the development of our platform by participating in our Total Synergy Community. Here’s how: 

  • Post Your Idea: Navigate to the Feature Requests channel in Community and share your suggestions. When you share an idea give as much detail as you can so our product team and other users can easily understand, add to or upvote your suggestion. 
  • Discover and Support: Explore contributions from fellow users and discover what’s popular, what might be added or ideas for specific areas of Synergy. Upvote ideas that resonate with you or add on to other ideas in the comments. The more community support an idea has, the greater its chances of being featured on our roadmap. 
  • Stay Informed: Engage with our Roadmap and Released Features channels to keep up to date on the latest developments within Total Synergy’s software evolution. 

Fuelling the Total Synergy Roadmap  

Our product team is deeply involved in the Total Synergy Community, actively reviewing your feature requests and discussions to inform our roadmap decisions. Their hands-on approach ensures that your suggestions are not just heard but are a vital part of the conversation that shapes the future of our platform. 

From there, each idea goes into a consideration stage where the requirements and feasibility are assessed and aligned with our overall product strategy. If successful, the idea is then carefully scheduled into our development cycle. The methodical approach ensures that every new feature we roll out is not only robust but also meets the needs of our customers. 

Your suggestions play an important part in innovation at Total Synergy. By participating in our Community, you play a direct role in our product’s evolution. Whether it is fixing a critical bug or rolling out a much-anticipated feature, we’re committed to crafting a service that evolves with your needs. 

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This is the first in a series of blog posts to educate clients on our feature requests and bug fix processes as well as development and implementation planning and schedules.



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