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Benefit from using the Synergy sample organisation.

#SynergyTips — The benefit of the Synergy sample organisation

November 3rd, 2017

When you start a free trial with Synergy, you’re going to want to get to know how to set it up correctly, and quickly understand that Synergy is right for your AEC business. The problem with trialling new systems is the time it takes to enter enough data to see it in action.

That’s where the Synergy sample organisation comes in.

What is the sample organisation?

We created the Synergy sample organisation to reflect lots of different types of AEC organisations and projects. You’ll find samples of projects for architects, engineers, planners, surveyors, and interior designers.

Some projects have more data than others — for example, some have invoices, some don’t; some have complete work breakdown structures, some don’t — all so you can experiment with different features and see how they work and affect the rest of the system.

The sample organisation is easy to create — go to ‘switch organisation’, choose the sample organisation, and it’ll create the database for you. The database resets every seven days, so it doesn’t matter if you put data in with errors. You can also manually reset it whenever you like.

Why the sample organisation is useful

In the early stages of trialling Synergy, most users want to understand how to create a project, put time against it, and send an invoice.

In order to do this, it’s necessary to have the company information set up correctly — the right rates so you know what you’re charging; correct staff records so you know costs. This means you’re invoicing the correct amounts and know what costs are assigned against those invoices.

When figuring out how staff records work, it’s simple to switch into the sample organisation, have a look at how a staff record is set up, make changes to it, and see what happens to the other parts of the system.

Having the different projects with varying degrees of data and content lets you get stuck into some real trial and error testing.

Benefit from using the Synergy sample organisation.

Enter your own data

One really powerful feature of the sample organisation is that you can enter your own project information and set up projects from scratch. This means you get to see how your own existing project information looks in Synergy without worrying about messing it up or causing errors. You can’t accidentally email anyone or send real invoices from the sample organisation.

By the time you’re ready to get to work, you can import your data to your own organisation knowing exactly what will happen and how to use it.

The simplest way to give this a go is sign up for a free 30 day trial.