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Scott Osborne — Founder and CEO of Total Synergy.

Scott Osborne

Founder and CEO

Scott's the boss. He has an irrepressible passion for business, technology and giving back to the community.


“Just quickly…”

Scott was enjoying a distinguished career in professional services (*cough* accounting! *cough*) and software sales, then one of his clients asked him to find a better technology solution for running his AEC design business. Synergy was born (probably in the kitchen or bedroom, if it’s a real software origin story).

It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that underpins our company’s success (and ultimately saved Scott from a career in accounting). Give Scott half a chance and he’ll “just quickly” draw explanatory diagrams on his Surface (or a napkin), causing eye rolls and enthusiasm in equal measure.

Top three apps: Tripit | OneNote | OneDrive

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Scott Osborne — Founder and CEO of Total Synergy.
Katie Yates — Brand Manager for Total Synergy.

Katie Yates

Brand Manager

Katie's a marketing all-rounder, data champion, nurturer of talent, brand advocate, and wrangler of CEOs.


“Sarcasm! My favourite font.”

Katie manages all things brand at Total Synergy. She has a senior background in professional services software marketing working at accounting software giants Solution 6 and MYOB. She is passionate about information technology, not only for the productivity gains and data insights it delivers, but the creativity it enables and unleashes within people.

Katie joined us in 2010, built the marketing team from scratch, and managed Total Synergy’s shift from traditional marketing to digital and data-driven marketing, incorporating content and visual design. She really loves Excel, but secretly wants to be a designer.

Top three apps: Yammer | Canva | Hey You

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Katie Yates — Brand Manager for Total Synergy.
Jamie Millar — Group Marketing Manager for Total Synergy.

Jamie Millar

Group Marketing Manager

Jamie’s our head of marketing. He's responsible for the marketing team, and how Synergy is perceived in the world.


“You’re not really a ninja, are you…”

Jamie is Total Synergy’s head of marketing. An MCIM Chartered Marketer, former PR agency director, brand manager and magazine editor, he’s responsible for how Total Synergy is perceived, and how it talks to the outside world and to itself (but not in a Herbert Lom/Commissioner Dreyfus, twitchy eyed kind of way).

Originally from Scotland, Jamie’s had various roles around the world working in Greece, England, British Virgin Islands and Australia. Other ways he has earned a living include butlering for royalty, as a sailing flotilla engineer, and selling yachts (mostly in a recession). It all adds up.

Top three apps: Voice Record Pro | Word Counter | Sprout Social

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Jamie Millar — Group Marketing Manager for Total Synergy.
Ross King — Digital Designer for Total Synergy.

Ross King

Digital Designer

Paper scratcher and digital doodler, Ross has an impressive background in graphic design and art direction.



Ross – aka @thatdesigner – leads our graphic design for creative communications. He is passionate about illustration (digital and old school pencil and paper stuff), digital design, video editing, animation and photography. Ross’s professional background includes working as a graphic designer for Redgate Software, and as art director for LJ Hooker, one of Australia’s largest real estate agencies.

He’s a skater (roller-skates), lover of VW (not the emissions dodging type, more original VW Beetles) and is a self confessed Apple fanboy.

Top three apps: AstroPad | Magisto | IFTTT

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Ross King — Digital Designer for Total Synergy.
Anne Thompson — Services Consultant for Total Synergy.

Anne Thompson

Customer Success Representative

Anne is part of our frontline helpdesk team. She also used to work in development testing an consulting.


“That’s betterer!”

Anne has worked in several roles in both customer consulting and product development. She’s now part of our frontline customer success team. With this background, Anne knows Synergy inside and out from a functional perspective and from a business use-case perspective.

Anne’s ICT career began in 1990 specializing in service delivery, training, documentation and helpdesk management, in both the public and private sectors. Oh, and she’s a bit of a Doctor Who fan!

Top three apps: TripView | Scrabble | Apple Music

Anne Thompson — Services Consultant for Total Synergy.
Greg Hill — Customer Success Manager for Total Synergy.

Greg Hill

Customer Success Consultant

Greg is one of our most experienced Synergy experts, sharing his knowledge with customers around Australia.


“Was it something I said?”

Known for his wit and humorous storytelling, Greg is also a former maths teacher. He’s found online (and on the road) helping our larger clients around Australia wrangle data and reports to improve their practice and project management. Greg holds a master’s degree in business and technology, and is a prolific Excel pivot table charmer.

A keen and successful motorbike racer, his commitment to a cause is evident from narrowly avoiding being the meat in a bike-and-barrier sandwich at the bottom of Conrod Straight at Bathurst (famous Australian motor racing circuit).

Greg Hill — Customer Success Manager for Total Synergy.
Jenny Peacock — Accounts Manager for Total Synergy.

Jenny Peacock

Accounts Manager

Jenny keeps the financial side of the company ticking along. She also coordinates all office admin.


“Can I have your expenses please?”

Jenny keeps the financial wheels turning. Jenny pays us. We love Jenny. She also nags us for expenses all the time! All companies need a Jenny.

Outside work she loves exercise, being outdoors, going to the beach, bushwalking, or just a spot of gardening. Jenny also loves snorkeling, but only in warm places without sharks. Like Bali.

After spending a few years traveling and working in Europe and the Middle East in her 20s, she’ll take any excuse to hit the road for some travel and new experiences.

Favourite three websites: The Design Files | Pinterest | SMH

Jenny Peacock — Accounts Manager for Total Synergy.
Gang Wang — Front End Developer for Total Synergy.

Gang Wang

Front End Developer

Gang codes the parts of Synergy you can see and interact with, turning designs into experience.


“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.”

Gang has an extensive background in digital design and development at leading agencies in Beijing and Sydney. He holds both a computer science degree and masters in multimedia design, and loves nothing more than making pixel-perfect experiences for our Synergy users.

In his spare time, Gang loves scuba diving and riding motorbikes. He has three cats (who hate scuba diving and riding motorbikes).

Top three apps: Photoshop | Visual Studio | GitHub

Gang Wang — Front End Developer for Total Synergy.
Amit Kubovsky — Group Development Manager for Total Synergy.

Amit Kubovsky

Group Development Manager

Amit runs the development team, managing the agile process with a laser focus on burn down charts.


“I understand… Completely.”

Amit has an impressive background of development management including in-house and offshore teams. He’s a certified agile practitioner (development and project management techniques), and organizes the development team with millimetric precision.

Top three apps: Apache Solr | WhatsApp | Jenkins

Amit Kubovsky — Group Development Manager for Total Synergy.
Damiaan van Zanen — Regional Manager, EMEA for Total Synergy.

Damiaan van Zanen

Regional Manager, EMEA

Damiaan heads our UK operations. He's been using Synergy since 2006 as business manager in consulting engineering firms.


“Stay classy, Saan Diaago!”

Damiaan came to Total Synergy after eight years as both business manager to consulting engineering firms, and as CEO of a built environment design business back-office services company. He knows what makes AEC businesses different to other professional services, and knows Synergy inside and out.

Damiaan’s knowledge of Will Ferrell movie quotes is unsurpassed, so just play along if he says something weird. Stay classy!

Top three apps: Citymapper | Beanhunter | Shapr

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Damiaan van Zanen — Regional Manager, EMEA for Total Synergy.
David Duncan — Senior Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.

David Duncan

Senior Full Stack Developer

David is an experienced Microsoft certified software engineer. He leads one of our development teams.


“I have the second largest air guitar collection in the world.”

Despite his youthful looks, David began his software engineer career in 1999 (that’s a long time in developer years). He joined us in 2015 and now leads one of our development teams.

Working mostly on the back-end of Synergy, David’s analytical skills, and past roles in consulting, allow him to quickly interpret our customers’ needs and turn that into useful software our customers can’t live without.

Outside of work, David’s interests include playing his air guitar collection, maintaining his deck, and keeping up with the latest sci fi on TV.

Top three apps: Plex | Spotify | Pluralsight

David Duncan — Senior Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.
Francis Palayur — Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.

Francis Palayur

Full Stack Developer

Francis has a wide range of international experience. He's a Microsoft certified application developer in the Sydney team.


“Peace be with you!”

Francis’s software development background spans many countries and industries. He’s worked in Singapore and the Middle East across the healthcare, telecom and finance industries before joining our Sydney team and discovering the world of architects and engineers.

In his spare time, he likes to tinker with circuits and play the piano.

Top three apps: Google Docs | Shazam | Pluralsight

Francis Palayur — Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.
Rosie Chehade — Marketing Coordinator for Total Synergy.

Rosie Chehade

Marketing Coordinator

Rosie's part of the marketing team. She keeps the data, team, and everything marketing related in pristine order.


“Sweet. I’ve already done it.”

Rosie loves maths and statistics. It’s true, and it’s a great thing for a modern marketer in keeping customer data clean, tidy and accurate.

She’s a sport fanatic, especially when it comes to her beloved Sydney Roosters (Aussie rugby league team). She says when the Roosters play, her family know to “leave the psychotic girl alone until the game is finished”.

Top three apps: Spotify | Adobe Lightroom | Trello

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Rosie Chehade — Marketing Coordinator for Total Synergy.
Paul Hemmings — Product Manager for Total Synergy.

Paul Hemmings

Product Manager

Paul's job is to work on the products and features we're developing for the future. He has a deep background in AEC software.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Paul has a lot of experience in AEC business software. He graduated as an architect in 1991, then worked at the Cox Group in IT.

In 1997, Paul founded ProjectCentre (now renamed ‘iTWOcx’), a very well-known construction and engineering project management platform that pre-dated Aconex. ProjectCentre managed quality, financial, and contractual control and safety. In 2012 Paul and his co-founder sold ProjectCentre to RIB Software and Paul remained with the product as the R&D director for a further four years. Paul joined Team Total Synergy in November 2017.

Top three apps: TFS | Yammer | Google

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Paul Hemmings — Product Manager for Total Synergy.
Scott Heappey — UX/UI Designer for Total Synergy.

Scott Heappey

UX/UI Designer

Scott works on the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of Synergy. The bits you see and interacts with.


“Discuss, then design.”

Scott is a senior UX and UI designer. That means he thinks about how to make the application a simple an experience to use on the screen, and how it all looks and feels.

Scott loves to meet users he’s designing for face-to-face to sketch ideas and solve problems. He says there’s nothing better than discussing new projects with the people who use them.

Top three apps: InVision | ConvertFlow | LeadPages

Wingman unveiling new staff.
Divyansh Jaiswal — Business Analyst/QA for Total Synergy.

Divyansh 'DJ' Jaiswal

Business Analyst/QA

Divyansh’s role is to work out how and why our users use Synergy software, then he tries to break it.


“Never allow the same bug to bite you twice!”

Divyansh started analyzing and testing software in 2013. His attention to detail and patience drove him to become a business analyst with us. He enjoys translating business problems and opportunities into user stories. He also enjoys the technical challenge and loves breaking the software!

If Synergy works the way it should to satisfy our customers’ needs, and he can’t break it, it means our developers and product designers did a great job. If he can break Synergy, it means bugs, bugs and more bugs! Either way, our customers win.

In his spare time, Divyansh likes playing cricket and table tennis, cooking, and comics. He’s also a keen gamer and once competed professionally in Battlefield 3 (very successfully).

Top three apps: Whatsapp | Github | Apple News

Wingman Divyansh Jaiswal
Kwong Choi — Senior Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.

Kwong Choi

Senior Full Stack Developer

Kwong is one of our senior developers. He works across the whole application and helps out with a bit of devops.


“Let me get back to you…”

Kwong began developing software professionally in 2005. If you’ve shopped in Woolworths (Australian supermarket) between 2008-2018, you’ve used software he’s worked on.

Kwong loves the daily challenge of being engrossed in solving technical problems. Technology changes so quickly and he thrives on there never being a dull moment and always something new to learn. In his spare time, he serves at his local church.

Top three apps: Visual Studio | SSMS | Notepadd++

Wingman Kwong Choi
Peng Dai — Full Stack Developer for Total Synergy.

Peng Dai

Full Stack Developer

Peng works in the development team building the features and functions you rely on in Synergy every day.


“Enjoy your work-life balance!”

Peng began working in software development and project management in 2007. He enjoys implementing smart and great ideas in an application used by thousands of people every day. Peng enjoys the pride that comes from working to help change people’s work life.

Peng is a fan of NBA and soccer — he’s a Roma (Serie A) and Boston Celtics fan — plays social badminton and enjoys Sydney’s coastal and bush walks with his family.

Top three apps: Facebook | LinkedIn | WeChat

Wingman Peng Dai
Lauren Palmer — Customer Success Manager for Total Synergy.

Lauren Palmer

Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager, Lauren helps our users get to know Synergy and grow to love it.


“Be the weird you want to see in the world.”

Lauren has worked in software customer success since 2013. Her previous roles include working with mobile apps and payment software, ensuring clients got the most out of the product.

Here at Synergy, she helps our newest users in the Australia/New Zealand region get to know Synergy through the on-boarding process, and supports our customers as they continue to adopt Synergy for their ASEC business to improve how they run their business and projects.

In her spare time, Lauren says she loves Harry Potter, musicals, and puppies.

Top three apps: Instagram | The Iconic | UberEats

Wingman Lauren Palmer
Constantine Carluen — Technical Content Developer for Total Synergy.

Constantine Carluen

Technical Content Developer

Constantine works with the product development team creating simple content and videos about technical things.


“OK… How does this work?”

Constantine’s role is to help our customers understand how to use Synergy better through written help files and instructional videos — aka jargon busting. He has worked in mobile and application learning since 2015 and on making technical content relatable since 2012. Constantine enjoys this work as he takes pride in breaking down complex topics and communicating them simply.

Outside of work you’ll find Constantine hanging from things — rocks, walls, trees, playground equipment… he’s an avid climber.

Top three apps: LinkedIn Learning | SnapSendSolve | Car Next Door

Constantine — Technical content developer and wannabe engineer
Ashleigh Thompson — Business Analyst and Test Analyst for Total Synergy

Ashleigh Thompson

Business Analyst/QA

Ashleigh works in one of our development teams testing Synergy to ensure each release meets design expectations and is bug free.


“I came, I saw, I broke it.”

Ashleigh (‘Ash’ to those deemed worthy) began breaking software in 2015. Her role is to analyse our customers’ business needs, turn them into requirements in development, and then test against those requirements and do her best to break the system and find the bugs. Our software developers think she’s great. No, they really do!

In her spare time (well, all the time) she’s a self-confessed Doctor Who tragic who is known to don a Cyberman costume and follow sci fi conventions around Australia. It’s quite normal in her role to shout ‘you will be upgraded’, and ‘delete!’… isn’t it?

Top three apps: Spotify | Pinterest | Goodreads

Ashleigh — Wanna be Cyberman, Doctor Who fanatic
Georgia Keighery — Content Marketing Specialist / Writer for Total Synergy.

Georgia Keighery

Content Marketing Specialist / Writer

Georgia is our resident wordsmith, writing blogs, newsletters, articles, scripts and whatever else helps create useful and usable content for our customers.


“If in doubt, throw some more words at it.”

Georgia writes! On a good day she writes a lot. Also on a good day, she reads a lot. Georgia has been writing professionally for more than 22 years (which is tricky, because she’s only 27 years old*!). She began as a playwright and general over-user of words. She says she loves writing “because you get to connect with readers in a bodiless, mind zone and agree to explore imagined worlds together. You get to honestly connect with people and their experiences. At very best, you get to show someone, through your writing and their reading, that they’re not alone as they glimpse something of themselves in your words”. Which is better than we could have said it.

Georgia’s five-year plan is to start an all-girl roller-gang. “Not a derby team, you understand (too pushy shovey for my liking), but a roller gang,” she says. “We will roll around the streets, wearing short shorts and knee socks and gold, hoop earrings, and we will chew bubble gum and look mean. And intermittently, we will break into choreographed roller-dances”. In view of this master plan, Georgia began roller skating lessons about a year ago. She’s not very good at staying upright, yet, apparently.

Top three apps: Trello | | Notes

*This may or may not be true.

Wingman unveiling new staff.

Deidre Ruddick

Customer Success Consultant

Deidre is one of our consultants, helping customers improve with Synergy. She’s also worked with Synergy for years as a former customer.


“The story is always in the numbers.”

Originally trained as an accountant, Deidre is experienced as a business manager and worked for a built environment design consultancy, responsible for implementation and success of Synergy from 2006 to 2017. She enjoys developing the strategic focus of a business and believes the numbers tell you how successful you are and where the opportunities for growth and focus are for the future.

Deidre is a travel fiend — there is always the next holiday being planned — and she also enjoys photography and reading.

Top three apps: TripAdvisor | Netflix | LinkedIn

Wingman unveiling new staff.

David Marko

Group Customer Success Manager

David heads up our customer success division, the teams focused on helping our customers achieve and exceed their goals with Synergy.


“Customer obsessed.”

David is a senior customer success leader with a deep background in software and service delivery. His role is to build and lead a great team and design and oversee the programmes we employ to help our customers become the best users of Synergy they can be. His favourite thing of all is when customers refer us to their peers.

Outside of work, he’s committed to the charity Camp Quality and has participated in the escapade annual motoring fund raising event since 2008.

Wingman unveiling new staff.

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