Unified Workspace

Empower project organisation and collaboration like never before.

Organise and collaborate on projects more efficiently with a streamlined integration between Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to manage your project information.

Unified Workspace is one of 3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution with SynergyPIM.



Structure and save documents with consistent folder conventions across your Unified Workspace.


Streamline and centrally manage project information and documentation


A complete cloud solution enabling teams to collaborate seamlessly online anywhere, anytime.


Automatically create and link project spaces and documentation for greater efficiency and time savings.


Reduce the risk of disorganised projects, errors, miscommunication, and wasted time.


Gain greater control and efficiencies, do your best work, realise growth potential, and increase profitability.


A seamless and collaborative ecosystem

Create a seamless ecosystem between Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams to streamline your project management experience and help you work faster and more collaboratively.

Dedicated SharePoint sites for your Projects

Create a dedicated SharePoint site for each project and have your project folder structure automatically added, ensuring all your information is managed consistently the way you want it and has a place to call home.

Real-time collaboration for project teams

Create a dedicated team space in Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other in real-time via chat and easily share and access documents directly.

Work anywhere, anytime on the cloud

Unified Workspace and SynergyPIM is completely cloud-based, so you can work anywhere, anytime – no matter whether your team is working in the office, or remotely from home or in the field.

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Unified Workspace is one of 3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution with SynergyPIM. Experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle or customise your solution by purchasing them individually.

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