Solving Collaboration and Communication Problems with SynergyPIM’s Unified Workspace

The volume of documentation involved in design and construction projects can be overwhelming. This includes a wide array of materials such as drawings, reports, contracts, schedules, checklists, and specifications, all of which are continuously being created, used, and updated. SynergyPIM’s Unified Workspace (UW) module, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, offers a specialised solution tailored to the AEC industry's needs.

Centralised Document Management

One of the primary challenges in AEC project management is the scattered storage of project-related files across different platforms, making them hard to find and share. Synergy’s UW module addresses this by creating a SharePoint site for each project, where files are organised, saved, and managed centrally in the cloud. This not only streamlines file management but also ensures that documents are consistently stored and easily accessible, significantly reducing time spent on administrative tasks.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Communication discrepancies, often arising from using multiple channels such as emails, chats, or phone calls, can lead to misunderstandings and inefficiencies. UW solves this by enabling the creation of a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel for each project. This channel serves as the central point for all project communications, facilitating real-time collaboration, document sharing, and decision tracking. It brings team members onto the same page, ensuring alignment and transparency.

Real-Time Collaboration and Efficiency

UW further boosts efficiency by automatically linking  documents across Synergy, SharePoint, and Teams. This automatic addition of the folder structure and documents across platforms ensures that team members have immediate access to the latest information, allowing for real-time collaboration in Synergy, SharePoint, or Teams. Additionally, the cloud-based nature of UW enables team members to work from anywhere, at any time, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

Transforming Business Operations

Beyond solving immediate collaboration and communication problems, UW transforms business operations by providing a more structured, organised, and efficient way of managing projects. It reduces the risk of disorganisation, errors, and miscommunication, leading to better project outcomes, growth potential, and increased profitability.

In conclusion, SynergyPIM’s UW stands out as a comprehensive solution for overcoming the challenges of collaboration and communication in project management. By unifying document management, communication, and project tools into a single platform, it enables AEC businesses to operate more efficiently, collaboratively, and successfully.

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