Solving Collaboration and Communication Problems with SynergyPIM’s Unified Workspace

The volume of documentation involved in design and construction projects can be overwhelming. This includes a wide array of materials such as drawings, reports, contracts, schedules, checklists, and specifications, all of which are continuously being created, used, and updated. SynergyPIM’s Unified Workspace (UW) module, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, offers a specialised solution tailored to the AEC industry’s needs.

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“No one is going to be fired for going to the cloud”

A group of the world’s largest suppliers of on-premises and cloud software, including Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Oracle, and Intel, have all seen significant downturn in on-premises investments and an accelerated pursuit of cloud solutions. So, what does that all mean for your built environment business and why is it so important to act now?

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