Track time on project tasks with timesheets, timers and expense entry for accurate project accounting for your AEC business.

Timesheets and timers are fully integrated with projects, making time tracking simple for accurate billing. This means transparency for you and your clients, and clarity in the progress and profitability of your projects.

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management for tracking your time and expenses:

  • Allocate time to projects and stages
  • Run multiple instant on/off timers
  • Add notes to each time entry
  • Manage non-billable time
  • Add expenses with timesheets
  • Assign rates for work done
A guide to timesheets and profit

Find out how Synergy uses timesheets, timers and expenses to improve your cashflow

Accurate time recording leads to more regular invoicing, full project transparency, improved cash flow, happy employers and satisfied, trusting clients.


Whether freelancer or practice director, timesheets are important (if occasionally painful). Synergy makes it simple to add timesheets from anywhere in the application. Choose the project, stage, task and rate, add notes, and enter the hours. Once time is entered against the job, it can be added to an invoice.


Synergy also allows you to run instant on/off timers and add the project details later. You can even start a timer on one device and stop it on another. Timers can be started from a task, instantly populated with the right information for the timesheet. Find timers on the timesheets screen and quickly add them to projects.


Synergy timesheets and expenses allow you to enter time on any web device in a simple interface that links time (hours, days, weeks) and expenses to projects and stages.


  • Integrated with projects, stages, tasks and invoices
  • Assign different rates for time spent on projects and stages
  • Enter time on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Instant on/off timer – assign time to projects on the fly
  • Enter time in weekly view with daily breakdown, per project
  • Add notes to all time entries — read #SynergyTips — Timesheets daily notes and the timesheets daily notes blog by Synergy’s product manager, Paul Hemmings
  • Billable and non-billable time entry
  • Enter expenses
  • See billable time percentage
  • Dashboard display for month-to-date utilisation

Synergy timers

  • Start timer on one device, turn off on another
  • No need for project details to start a timer, fix it up later
  • Set a stop time so your timer doesn’t run on and on
  • Convert timers to timesheets (and enter missing details when required)
  • Start and stop the same timer on different days splits it to the days it ran on your timesheets

Timesheet Admin — Manage timesheets for others

Any staff (for example, administrators) with the selected security access level can add time, travel expenses, and cash expenses for other employees in their organisation. This means they can enter in any missing timesheets, or correct any timesheet entries that have been entered in the wrong project, for example.

More benefits of Synergy timesheets

Additional benefits of Synergy timesheets for architects and engineers include:


  • Timesheet history — pre-populate timesheets with history from previous weeks. Click to move a timesheet back to active for that week — this helps with rapid entry of timesheets
  • Timesheet leaderboards — displays rankings of team members’ timesheet entries (based on a highly complex algorithm, of course!)
  • Onscreen timesheet dashboard
  • See your utilization on the dashboard
  • Project managers can see and manage direct reports’ timesheets
  • Quickly see where time is being spent
  • Copy and edit functions
  • Printable time and expense reports
  • Missing timesheets shown in the stats bar

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