Simple reporting with preset standard reports. Create your own detailed custom reports*.

Synergy has a library of standard reports that can be filtered, grouped and sorted, viewed on all devices, and exported to PDF or Microsoft Excel. 
[*Business and above]

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management software for your reporting:

  • Library of standard reports
  • Share with selected staff
  • Create PDFs or export to Excel
  • Easy to filter, group and sort
  • Create custom reports*
  • Modify existing reports, create new*

Synergy custom report builder

Business and Enterprise level users can customise report columns and share custom reports.


Synergy’s custom report builder allows you to create almost any on screen report using many sources of data from within Synergy. You can select the information you want, and design a report with the output of data you want to see. Add columns, swap columns, alter the calculations for individual columns — the Synergy report builder gives you control that is verging on Microsoft Excel expressions of data without having to enter it all into a spreadsheet

The business benefit of custom reports

There’s a saying in data and reports: rubbish in, rubbish out. It’s easy enough to get data into a system (as long as the users are disciplined), the trick is using it to create valuable and powerful reports that help you make business decisions to give you a competitive advantage.


Beyond standard reports, Synergy’s powerful custom report builder can help you create views of things like portfolio or discipline performance, regional and individual office comparisons, breakdown and value of non-utilised time, and so on. You can really get carried away here if you’re a report geek!


The key here is in making informed business decisions based on real data collected in Synergy.

You’re in good company

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