Improve cash flow with regular, detailed invoicing designed for AEC businesses.

Send invoices for each project stage, or put multiple stages with mixed fee types on the same invoice.

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management for your AEC invoicing:

  • Unlimited invoices
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Enter payments in Synergy
  • 2-way exchange with cloud accounts
  • Invoice templates
  • Credit notes

How using Synergy can streamline your invoicing workflow and cash flow

Projects have costs that need to be allocated to them, whether direct or overhead, which are managed in Synergy through a work breakdown structure. This allows users to set up stages with a mixture of fee types to be shown on any invoice, including time and materials, fixed fee, percentage of project value and capped rates.


For example, if the job is being invoiced as a fixed fee, variations are often based on hourly rates, both of which can be included on the same invoice.


Invoices can be sent directly from Synergy by email, can be shared with other team members inside your organisation, and can be shared inside the project portal with any invoice contacts.

Invoice templates

Synergy provides standard invoice templates. Business and Enterprise level users can import invoice templates and add merge fields to insert Synergy invoice data. Synergy’s template builder lets you create invoice templates inside the system, preview them and output as PDF.

Accounting add-ons

To enable architects and engineers to run their businesses on a project basis, not an accounting basis, Synergy connects to leading cloud accounting software (Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live, QuickBooks Online). Once connected, invoice data and payments are seamlessly exchanged between the applications. This removes the pain of double entry, provides real-time awareness of project cash flow to project managers, and keeps the accountants happy.

Pre-bill invoicing

Synergy pre-billing allows architects and engineers to attach transactions to existing invoices. This lets you invoice clients up front, and later attach the transactions to the invoice for the work that was pre-billed to the client.

More invoice features

Additional features of Synergy invoicing for architects and engineers include:


  • Invoice preview — download, update and upload
  • No limits to number of invoices you can send
  • Tax calculator
  • Invoice templates
  • Share invoice via project portal restricted to invoice contact
  • Share invoices by email as PDF attachment
  • Quickly see draft and unpaid / overdue invoices
  • Create unlimited draft invoices
  • Issue credit notes
  • Record collections notes against the invoice

Credit notes

Credit notes in Synergy allow you to apply a credit to an invoice you’ve already raised. You can do this either through a discount to the invoice, or by adjusting an invoice line. You can raise more than one credit on one invoice.

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