Synergy email management and Outlook add-in lets you file project emails for simple AEC project information management.

The Synergy Outlook add-in lets you save project emails, with attachments, straight to your project folders in Synergy.


You gain a huge time saving in filing project emails, and this is key to project information management – you can keep all project emails and attachments in a central, searchable place with all other project information.

Key benefits of using Synergy project email management Outlook add-in:

  • Easily file emails to project folders from your inbox or file outgoing emails as you send them
  • Suggested project folder filing
  • View Synergy project folders in Outlook
  • De-duplicate emails into conversations
  • Emails identified by project name/number
  • Choose to save attachments to a separate folder
Manage project emails more effectively and efficiently with the Outlook add-in for Synergy.

How using Synergy's Outlook add-in can streamline your architecture and engineering project email management

Synergy makes project email management easy with an Outlook add-in. Install the Synergy Outlook add-in for each staff member to save and file project emails to Synergy project folders.


You can install the Synergy Outlook add-in for architecture and engineering projects from the Microsoft Office store directly from Outlook. The Synergy Outlook add-in for architecture and engineering projects works with Microsoft Office 365, which supports Outlook 2016 and higher on PC and Mac desktops, and in the web browser view of Outlook (desktop scale).


  • Pin the Synergy pane in Outlook to appear alongside your email message to make it easier to use to file the next email
  • De-duplicate emails by keeping the email conversation string stored together in Synergy as a thread
  • Each email reply to a thread is stored as a new version against the original email saved in Synergy
  • Email threads are created based on the email subject lines, ensuring that all replies are kept in the same thread group within that project
  • The email filing location (project folder) will be suggested when a Synergy project name or number is in the email subject line or email body
  • Email files are named by subject line
  • A ‘Filed in Synergy’ category will be assigned to each message in Outlook so you know which messages have already been saved to Synergy

How the Synergy Outlook add-in works for architecture and engineering project information management

For simple project email management, install the Synergy Outlook add-in from the Microsoft Office 365 store (access this via a button in Outlook).


Once installed, you get a button in your Outlook control bar — press this to open the Synergy pane on the right-hand-side of your Outlook view. This shows the email subject line, organisation you’re connecting to, the project the email will be filed to, the project folder, and the option to include attachments.


Then you simply press a button.


The Synergy Outlook add-in assigns project emails to the correct project based on content in the email, such as project number, project contact name, project address.

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