Data imports

Import your existing data into Synergy with ease.

The Synergy data import feature lets you quickly and easily import your existing data from Excel, Outlook and other software packages that don’t quite cut it for architecture, engineering and construction design project and business management. You can import your staff records, contacts, projects and project financials.

Key benefits of Synergy’s data import feature:

  • Save time and get started with Synergy faster
  • Accurate data — preview data in Synergy before finalising import
  • Clear data source — imported data is marked with a tag so you know where it originates from
  • Spend less time on data administration and more time on design!
  • Avoid being tied down to old, outdated or unsuitable systems

How does the Synergy data import feature work? Three simple steps.

1.  Export your existing data into a CSV format

2.  Copy and paste from your source file into the Synergy spreadsheet. Be sure to match columns.

a.  There are different spreadsheets available to download from Synergy for different types of data import (staff records, contacts, projects and project financials). The import process is the same for each.

b.  Avoid changing column headings and reordering columns, or the file will not import.

3.  Import data into Synergy — Synergy will show your imported data and any errors it finds. Nice and easy!

Seamless transfer of data from connected accounting addon applications

The Synergy data import feature makes it even easier for you to import your contacts directly from connected accounting addon applications, Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live (ARL) and QuickBooks Online.


Use the Xero, MYOB ARL or QuickBooks Online contacts import to bring your existing contacts in Xero, MYOB ARL or QuickBooks Online straight into Synergy. The created contact records include all matching details from Xero, MYOB ARL or QuickBooks Online, and imported contact records are marked with a tag. Any items unable to be imported are listed in an Excel file you can download from the audit tab of the contact import.

More benefits of Synergy-Xero, MYOB ARL and QuickBooks Online, contacts import

  • Import your project contacts quickly and easily
  • Set up your projects in Synergy more efficiently and effectively, now that you have your project contacts in Synergy
  • You only need to update your project contact information in one place. Make any changes necessary in Synergy, and rest assured that these changes will translate to connected accounting addon applications.

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