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Project collaboration

Project collaboration for architects and engineers

Project collaboration is well documented as a significant and continuing driver of change in the global AEC industry. For the AEC industry to grow it needs to be organized around collaborative technologies, have collaborative contracting as the norm, and attract and retain people who collaborate1. And that’s the important bit — people collaborate, technology enables it.

The thing about project collaboration is that it’s not simply about disparate teams and people working on the same BIM file. It’s bigger than that. Real project collaboration for architects and engineers happens when people are untethered from their desks and offices. Mobility, and the ubiquity of business applications, is what truly enables project collaboration for architects and engineers.

Being able to move from desk to the field (on site at projects, in client or partner offices, at planning meetings); being able to access contactsprojects, notes, budgets and documents on any device wherever you may be; being able to issue and respond to RFIs, instructions, variations and defect notes; being able to capture, record and annotate issues, thoughts or inspirations as you see them, and share them instantly with the project team; these are the things that make your built environment design work truly collaborative.

That’s where Synergy comes in. Synergy is a mobile responsive web application that works on any of your internet enabled devices. This means you have FULL application access at all times. All of it, on any device. Check out the core collaboration for architects and engineers benefits below.

Project collaboration with Synergy
[Some functions only available in Enterprise.]

Secure shared access

All levels of Synergy have project portals where the whole project team can access shared, controlled documents and communications. This means consultants, contractors, partners, clients, freelancers — wherever they may be in the world — can be given a secure login to a shared project portal and access the project information you have chosen to share including document transmittals.

Portals allow you to keep everyone in the loop. If contractors or consultants on the team don’t have the file, they can access your Synergy portal just as easily as the designers. This means your project communication is live. Your collaborative partners will be able to download the files you give access to — any digital file format you want. As the project manager, you will be able to see who has accessed files and when.

Document control

Documents will be controlled in that every version is logged and saved in the cloud and no-one can overwrite one with another.

The goal with project collaboration for architects and engineers is improved communication and productivity. With Synergy shared portals, you no longer have concerns around who’s working on which version and how they get access to documents as it’s all in a single, secure, online location you can access from any web-enabled device. Portals are created automatically, so you have as many portals as you have projects.

Keep your project data

Unlike other systems that license software per project, Synergy doesn’t get turned off when the project is over. You can keep your project documents for as long as you want (for as long as you’re subscribed with enough storage space). Think of archived portals like a vault of project information. In effect, you’re able to keep a project archive that your client can access whenever they want — maybe to get floor plans, mechanical, electrical and plumbing diagrams, project images, and so on — so you don’t have to burden your team with finding and issuing them. It’s like a time capsule.

Software add-ons

We understand that most small businesses use a range of applications to improve productivity. Synergy add-ons are other popular third party applications we have created connections to through the API. From online document markup like Bullclip and accounting applications like Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB AccountRight Live to cloud storage and popular CRMs, you’ll find a growing number of useful products you can connect to Synergy. If the one you want isn’t there, Synergy also offers an open API meaning you can still connect other products with a bit of technical help.

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1 Holliday, et al. Built Environment Industry Innovation Council Report, 2012.

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